Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time Travel??? WTF???

To say I'm disappointed with tonight's episode of LOST is an understatement. I mean, come ON!

I hate to see anyone fired...

...but John Paddock had to go!
Maybe now the Sens will actually make the playoffs. At this point, I'll just settle for a goal. It's been soooooooooooo long.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some pics I took tonight.

They're self-explanatory. Okay, so I'm no Milky, but isn't one Milky enough? And don't forget, my camera's only worth about $400.

Monday, February 11, 2008

You try to help the environment...

...but sometimes ya gotta wonder if it's worth it.
I've dramatically cut down on my plastic bag consumption. I have bought three of those sturdy, reuseable bags. And whether it's a grocery store, pharmacy or department store, when I have only a few small items, I take them without a bag -- just the receipt, so I don't get nailed for shoplifting. Heck, I might even have to start buying kitchen-sized garbage bags!

But then, something happens like what happened tonight.
I went to Quizno's to get some supper. The weird-looking kid with all the hair shoved under his Quizno's hat started putting my sandwich in a bag, so I asked him not to. "Sure, Man," he says, hands me the sandwich, and puts the bag in the garbage can. I COULD HAVE DONE THAT!


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pet peeves

1) Broadcasters (I'm talking to you, Bob Cole and Don Cherry) who pronounce Detroit with three syllables. It's dee-TROYT, you morons, not dee-TROY-it!

2) The same bee-atch who goes to all the same concerts I do, gets a seat in front of me, and puts on her own stand-up performance through the whole f**kin' show. Yo, b**ch, I didn't pay to watch you. So sit your ass down. Better yet, next time, buy a ticket to be on the floor!
I'll give you this: Last night at Rascal Flatts, you had the diva hand moves down pat.

Anyone care to add their own pet peeves?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I gots a cold

...and Ma Horton's cavortin' in Mexico, so I can't get some of her cyber Timmy's chicken soup and some now now there there.

Havin' a cold sucks rocks real hard.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lotto - by popular demand

Okay, Maria, here are my numbers. Anyone else care to join?

6/49 Feb. 6
04 09 15 16 32 35

Super 7 Feb. 8
01 07 12 18 20 21 45
03 10 11 15 20 23 34
12 13 23 29 40 43 46

Monday, February 04, 2008

My TV series idea

I almost feel like a scab coming up with this idea, what with Hollywood writers being on strike and all, but American networks are apparently snapping up Canadian shows. So here goes:

I'll call it "Hell's Snow Angels". It's a gritty drama about a gang of snowmobilers terrorizing a small Northern Ontario town called North Weasel, trying to get the corner on the illegal market in coffee and doughnuts. They ride from town to town on their souped-up Ski-doos, with their Hell's Snow Angels crests embroidered across the backs of their snowmobile suits, and park their trail hogs in long lines outside coffee shops, which might be a front for illegal activity. The cops keep a close eye on them, but very rarely actually catch them doing anything unlawful.

The Angels also congregate at trailside clubhouses, where they do God knows what.

One particular cell of the Angels has a matriarch of sorts, a tough cookie (cruller?) named Ma. She rules the roost, and what she tells her "boys" to do, gets done.

I obviously have some polishing and fine tuning to do before I actually script a pilot and make arrangements to shoot it. Any ideas are welcome, and keep your eyes right here for a casting call.

I'm thinking of including a gay character whose snowmobile helmet is painted leopard print, and call him Pussy or Kitty or Tiger, or something like that. For a dash of class, I might partner him up with a European fella.

Of course, we need a comic foil, which I'm contemplating making a mouthy chick and her paramour with a goofy name like Popcorn or Radish. They'll be in charge of clubhouse security, and totally mess things up by choosing a couple of yappy little rat dawgs to guard the property from polar bears, instead of vicious Samoyeds raised on raw meat.

For the hot romantic scenes, perhaps a couple with Mediterranean roots, who ride their snow hogs all around the world, with their two kids in tow. Their oldest -- probably a boy -- will be more sophisticated than the rest, trying to rise above the life of crime and terrorism. In contrast, his younger sister will be a bit of a handful.

Reality will be added by the single mother of a very bright little guy. She's struggling with some demons, and trying to break free of the snowmobile gang lifestyle to make a good life for herself and the kid.

Hey! This is almost writing itself. We're almost ready to roll, Mr. DeMille.

Friday, February 01, 2008

LOST is found!

Great news today! If you miss a Thursday episode of "Lost" on CTV or ABC, you can catch it on Monday nights at 10:00 on A-Channel! For you bloglodytes who don't live in an A-Channel market, A-Channel Ottawa is Channel 209 on Bell Expressvu and 342 on Star Choice.
I'm extra excited, because it's a fantastic lead-in program to the 11pm newscast I produce on Monday nights. The rationale is that a strong program retains viewers for the newscast (or other program) that follows it. And we start a new ratings period next Thursday. Over the next six weeks, at least three of them are "hot", meaning people are filling out their diaries with what they're watching at any specific time. The more people who watch my newscast, the better.
Again: The Thursday episode of "Lost" is repeated on A-Channel on Monday at 10pm. This will also be handy for a second look, to pick up details you might have missed or misunderstood the first time around.