Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Customer service, my ass

I went for a haircut today at Joe's Barber Shop at Place d'Orléans mall, getting ready for the Jamaica trip and the wedding that will take place there next week.
When I went to leave, my jacket was gone. I knew that someone else had taken it by mistake, complete with my house and car keys in the pocket.
So I went to the "Guest Services" desk in the mall, to ask for an announcement to be made that whoever took the wrong jacket from Joe's Barber Shop, please return with it. But they won't do that. I even went over the head of the kid at the desk, asking him to call a supervisor, who refused to bend the policy. The only way they'll make an announcement like that is if they have the customer's name: "Jane Doe, please return to Kinky 'r' Us". Sorry, Shit for Brains, but I obviously don't know the name of the guy who accidentally took my jacket.
There is a happy ending. Shortly after I went back to Joe's, a very embarrassed man showed up with my jacket, which is very similar to his. He said he realized he had the wrong one when he took his keys out of his pants pocket, but still had some in his jacket pocket. I totally understand that, and wouldn't put it past myself to do that.
I did file a written complaint with Guest Services. It won't do any good, but at least I vented.
Customer service, my ass.