Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My weekend at Lac du Cerf

The weather was beautiful, and the company was great -- even if some of the young people were drinking beer and smoking dope before breakfast. Oh well, they are family, and not my responsibility. Every family has a little bit of white trash, doesn't it?

Here's a pic of Zoey, my dogniece who I sometimes babysit, and who ate the poopy diaper and licked the peepot. Hey, maybe the white trash got her stoned, and she had the munchies! Isn't she pretty?

Speaking of pretty, check out these two beauties. Claire and Caitlin are five months old, the daughters of my second cousin Charlie, and his wife, Trish. They also have an almost-three-year-old son, Carter, who's quite the little cutie, too.
I learned from Claire Bear and Caity Cait that I'm too old to be a Daddy, but I'm going to be an awesome surrogate Grandpa to Little Bro Dan's eventual kids. Yep, old Uncle Bob has the touch. I rocked Claire to sleep twice, and Caitlin once. Of course, I do have that effect on women of all ages.
We had a lot of laughs and ate a lot of great food this past weekend. I only wish this stupid sinus infection for which I'm now on antibiotics hadn't made me feel like crap. I had three beers all weekend -- between Friday night and Monday afternoon!


Maria said...

Awwwwwww they are all adorable (except the poopy eating doggie kinda gave me the skivvies). The baby girls are so adorable.

As for your sinus infection I am hoping that the antibiotics kick in real soon and your back to your old self in no time.

By the way, your NEVER too old to be a Daddy - TRUST me. Some dude hubby works with (in his 60's) has grown kids in there 30's and just had a newborn with his new wife (who is also in her 30's). Can you even begin to imagine that?
Starting all over with the diapers, late night feedings after all those years??

Newsguy Bob said...

I cannot imagine it. Charlie and Trish go non-stop from early in the morning (5 or 6 o'clock) until about 8pm. Of course, they have three kids under three years old. But still, I get exhausted just watching them. They considered the weekend a break, because between Grandma, Poppa and all the other relatives, they got a lot of help.

JB, I envy you and Janne for your stamina. I know that unconditional love helps, but my gawd, total exhaustion is not for me. I will be more than happy to be Big Uncle Bob and on-call babysitter to Little Bro Dan's kids, when he has them.

As for poop-eating Zoey, you gotta admit she's beautiful. And she loves her Uncle Bob unconditionally.

Maria said...

ahhhhhhhhh the life of a parent. Never ends and NEVER gets any easier. Sonny boy started high school this year and I ask such stupid questions when I talk to him at the end of the day - one example from yesterday "sweetie, how many cookies did you eat during lunch?" WTH?? lol

Newsguy Bob said...

Don't feel bad. It just means you're a good Mom. When I was 19 or 20, I had to ask my Mom to stop reminding me to watch for cars, whenever I went out with my friends. She didn't even notice she was still doing it -- ingrained after two decades of being Mom.
If I hadn't been so wrapped up in myself, I would have just let it slide. Teenagers/young adults can be such jerks!

JB said...

This morning, while Daddy was getting changed and ready to take Liam and Morgan to daycare, Morgan decided she was going to take off her own sleeper ...and diaper! Of course, I had just finished feeding them breakfast, which makes it their time to do their "number 2s" before I get them dressed...but Morgan didn't want to wait for me to change her, apparently, and she had her poopy diaper half off before daddy got back in the room! I managed to save it from becoming a horrible incident...but it only takes a couple of minutes for the world to change when twins are involved, and yes, it's busy busy busy...but I've had such a full life of stuff that's been all about me until now, that the completely new direction the babies have taken my life is a welcome change. I can't imagine my life without them. They throw me a new curve every day. It's awesome. I don't care how old you think you are, Bob - don't rule out the possibility. You never know.
...and we really DO want to know where you found the damn cable!

Newsguy Bob said...

Alright already! The damn cable was there all along, mixed up with other cables. That's why I've marked it with green tape, so it doesn't get mixed up with other crap.