Thursday, May 29, 2008

Man, I'm relieved

I just got back from producing an on-location hour of TV from outside Scotiabank Place. A-Channel News Live From Your Neighbourhood: Kanata was a resounding success.
Aside from interviews with people from Kanata including someone from the local art gallery, the two city councillors who represent Kanata and a representative of the Chamber of Commerce, we featured The Capital City Chorus. It is a 97-member, all-male acapella barbershop style group, and it totally made the show.
I'm basking in the success of my first-ever effort at producing such a program. Tired, but very happy.
If you want to see any of it, check out .


JB said...

That's great, but
...who's Tessa again?

XUP said...

See, what an exciting life you have? So much drama. So many characters. So much tension. Makes my witness protection neighbours seem like a sad little fantasy