Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prettiest picture ever of Coffee, the Prettiest Cat Ever

This beautiful creature never fails to keep me amused, and throws in the odd surprise once in a while, too.
One thing she has never done -- until now -- is to bring me any of her toys. I will throw a ball or a mouse around and she'll beat it up and leave it for me to throw again, but she has never brought a toy to me.
I had human company this week that included a three-month-old baby. On Monday night, Teigen was in his little chair on the living room floor, and I was sitting on the floor having a great discussion with him, about what a great gig being a baby is. Coffee had checked him out a few times, just looking at him in his chair and then walking away, very arrogant cat-style. Then as Teigen and I were in the middle of our conversation, Coffee walked up to me, bumped me with her head, and dropped a mouse on the floor beside me.
I got the message loud and clear: "He's okay, Daddy, but enough about him. It's time to pay attention to moi."
I also brought Coffee to the vet for her annual check-up and needle today. She's in top health. But it was traumatic for her. She wouldn't let me put her in her pet carrier, so I carried her. She meowed all the way to the vet's (less than a five-minute drive), and was on needles and pins until I brought her back into our house.
This is my first experience with cat ownership, and after 15 months, I'm still amazed by this beautiful creature.


Hannah said...

Aww, Coffee is beautiful. She looks a bit like Marcus, my male black cat.:)

Anonymous said...

Ya, cats don't much like going anywhere -- especially not to the vet or in a car or in a pet carrier and especially not all 3 at once. Sometimes I'm not even sure it's worth dragging them off to the vet all the time.