Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bus Ride Observations

What I saw today on my ride to work:
-Lots of police cars and an ambulance at Hurdman Station. Turns out it was just a medical emergency for an OCTranspo rider. Talk about over-response on the part of police!
-Short guy, about five-foot-nothin', roughly 60 years old with an IQ to match, gets on the bus while involved in an animated conversation. His lips were moving, but there was nothing coming out.
-A dazed-looking lady wearing socks and sandals. Likewise, a very old man wearing sandals exactly the same as the ones I own, with socks in them. ARRRGGGHHHH!
-A homeless guy with a dog in a stroller, one of those runner's three-wheelers with the bike wheels.
-A young dude on a skateboard, no helmet, pads, etc. on the lefthand side of Queen Street -- right on the street!

I love this city!


Anonymous said...

You need to find yourself a better class of commenters, Bob.

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