Monday, July 10, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend Trip

Well, I'm back at the grind after a three-day weekend, during which I joined a convoy from Ottawa to Timmins (Porcupine, to be more precise) to move Little Bro Dan into his new apartment. He started his new job as a paramedic last month, working between Timmins, Matheson, Iroquois Falls, Cochrane and Smooth Rock Falls.

He has a beautiful apartment, which is just around Porcupine Lake from Ma and Pa Horton's Timmy's South Porcupine location. His girlfriend will move up there late next month, after completing a summer job and a course she needs to get her Master's degree.

I guess there's no denying now that my Dano is all grown up. We were matched by Big Brothers in Timmins 13 years ago this Friday. In ways, it seems like just yesterday; in others, it seems like eons ago -- and that's all good. We are the ultimate in successful Big Brothers matches. He was ten at the time, and we quickly fit into each other's routines, lives and families, and decided it would be forever. I wouldn't trade a second of it.

Dan has grown into a fine, respectable, respectful young man, and although his mom is the absolute best, I don't mind taking some of the credit. It is really neat to watch a young person as they grow and mature, and realize that some of the values they exhibit in word and deed are values that they learned from your word and deed.

On a totally different subject: if you're lurking here and haven't participated in helping select the quintessential Canadian song that I began searching for in my last post, please take the time to do so.


JB said...

Bob, you can 'hear' your pride in Dan in your writing - and I'm sure that Dan's proud of you, too. As good as your relationship is now, it will no doubt continue to get better as Dan continues to move through events in his life that you once did, and even some you haven't. You've got tons more to share with each other as long as you both keep communicating the way you are, and it certainly sounds like you will. Congratualtions to you, and obviously to a wonderful Mom who always looked out for her son, and was wise enough to approach Big Brothers / Big Sisters for help. What a great story.

Ma Horton said...

Did you call me dammit !..and Dan has one of the BEST !

Newsguy Bob said...

Ma, I am sooooooooo sorry. I had absolutely no time to even stop in to Timmy's -- although I waved every time I drove by. Heck, I hardly saw my Dad and StepMama -- and I stayed at their cottage while I was up there!
Oh well, ten more sleeps, then I'm coming back to God's Country for two weeks, and I promise to stop in.

Forgive me?

Ma Horton said...