Friday, July 21, 2006

My turn to go fishin'

I am done work for the next two weeks, and not soon enough. I head to the cottage in the morning -- an eight-hour drive away -- for some family time, friend time and general R&R. Little Bro Dan will be there waiting for me, along with my Dad, StepMama, Sister, Brother-in-law, their two kids and their dog, and perhaps Brother, Sister-in-law and their daughter. Sunday, we're having a "do" for my Dad, who turns 75 next month.

The two weeks away from work will do me good. It's been a weird, melancholy time there since the big layoff announcement last Wednesday. We said goodbye to an Audio Operator today. He's taking a voluntary severance package, thereby saving someone else's job. The next exodus is August 31, when a few more people leave; then January 19 is the big day that the rest of us leave for good. I truly hope to have a new job to go to long before that.

There's been a lot of "WTF?" among my co-workers since the announcement, and in the wake of a few other developments since then. I won't say much about my situation in particular, but suffice it to say that it has become clear that management is taking the opportunity to get rid of me and my above-average salary, and replace me with a less experienced, less versatile, much lower-paid person. That's another slap in the face, on top of the one that occurred to two other supervisors and me last week, when we realized that one suck-up is being kept on, despite the fact that the three of us are more literate (yes, literate!) and versatile than he is.

All that aside, there are some hopeful signs. I have a few lines on jobs, and I'll kick the job hunt into high gear as soon as my holidays are over.

So don't expect much in a post before August 8. But don't worry, I'll be back.


Ma Horton said...

WTF?? ..No net @ the lake ?? Have a great vacation Bobby and never let the powers that be get your soul .

JB said...

Both times in my life that I've been laid off, it has been to be replaced by "lesser lights" for less money, so you're absolutely right on target. A lucid observation on your part. It is tough to love and hate an industry at the same time, but that's what this industry does to us. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your vacation, and a huge Happy Birthday to your Dad. 75! What an awesome milestone. I hope I get a chance to hit it someday myself. All the best, Bob.

Maria said...

You will do just fine... your spirit says it all.

Be Good and stay safe!

DianeS said...

Enjoy the vacation!