Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ya can't write this stuff!

I just have to share this with my fellow bloglodytes.

Here at A-Channel Ottawa, we have a weekly gardening segment in our Thursday 6pm newscast, done by the owner of a local nursery. Tonight, he's talking about weeding flowerbeds, and the different hoes available. There are several chuckle-inducing lines in his impromptu presentation on this hoe and that hoe, but the classic line is "It's always better to have a hoe, than to have to pull by hand".

Hoe-larious! Classic stuff! Truer words are seldom spoken.

As you can imagine, the segment has already been saved to our Christmas Party blooper tape.

Have a good Labour Day weekend.


JB said...

Wonderful. The beauty of the bit would be how earnest he would be in his delivery of such a line, no doubt.
So, I wonder who's gonna buy the A-Channels now that Bell has said they're sellin' 'em? Any ideas?
Happy Labour Day weekend! Have fun draggin' the hoe around (if you do any gardening, I mean...)

Newsguy Bob said...

No idea who might buy A-Channel, or what shape it might take under new ownership. And don't get me started about the CRTC...!

Actually, this whole layoff/purchase thing is a mixed blessing for me: I own 302 shares of BCE, that I bought on the employee purchase plan when I was at Newsnet. Keep them dividend cheques coming, Baby.

You, too, have a good weekend, JB. Personally, I'm working Monday, producing the 6pm and 11pm newscasts.

All the best to Janne and The Tinks.

N@ Lauzon said...

BWA-HAHAHAAAA! I LOVE IT! You should send that to one of those shows :TV's most outrageous moments....ME LOVE IT.

Ma Horton said...

You're BAD .

Newsguy Bob said...

Yeah, Ma, but I'm good at being BAD!