Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rumour: Ma Horton has moved to Ottawa!

Okay, she hasn't -- it just seems like it. The Coffee and Donut Queen herself showed up at the CHUM Market Media Mall again today -- this time with Best Friend, Tante Suzanne, and Eldest Beautiful Daughter Dawn.

Always great to see you, Ma. Sorry if I seemed less than hospitable today; it was shaping up to be a crazy day when I got the call from Reception that you were out front.

On another topic: I'm back from vacation. It was a relaxing, pleasant time. I got some visiting in (although, as usual, didn't see as many people as I hoped to), and spent some time with Dad and StepMama, and with Little Brother Dan (who looks great in his Paramedic uniform -- oops, is my pride showing again?).

The job hunt is shifting into a higher gear. I'm not ready to panic yet, and there have been a few developments that add to the optimism. I don't want to say too much, in case I jinx myself.

Now that I'm back, I invite all lurkers to say hi.

Later, Gators.


N@ Lauzon said...



And good news!!! :)

Ma Horton said...

Hey Bobbycakes ..start any roooomer you want as long as it makes for news fodder ..and I looove Ottawa and intend to be back again to bug my outlaw's butt .You did look a tad stressed though but you know I did offer to punch somebody out for you ..was great seeing you again !

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back Bob! I am learning that things happen when you least expect them, be it good or bad. I hope that it all works out for the best...

John Mielke Photography said...

What?!?! I go on vacation and I misse Ma?!?!

Crappity crap crap. (That's a "double double" in the world of "crappity.")


John Mielke Photography said...

"Misse?" What the??? I meant "miss."

So THAT'S why they have a "preview" button on these blog thingies.


Ma Horton said...

Misse or miss me , we missed each other and make no MISStake .. I will return . Hope you had a great vacation and are back to bug the asses off the masses .
Miss Ma