Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pet peeves

1) Broadcasters (I'm talking to you, Bob Cole and Don Cherry) who pronounce Detroit with three syllables. It's dee-TROYT, you morons, not dee-TROY-it!

2) The same bee-atch who goes to all the same concerts I do, gets a seat in front of me, and puts on her own stand-up performance through the whole f**kin' show. Yo, b**ch, I didn't pay to watch you. So sit your ass down. Better yet, next time, buy a ticket to be on the floor!
I'll give you this: Last night at Rascal Flatts, you had the diva hand moves down pat.

Anyone care to add their own pet peeves?


Maria said...

Pet Peeves. Hmmmmm where do I start. LOL

I really have a thing about little kids with "oily fingers who try to wrap their little oily hands around you"

Maybe its just me.

Maria said...

I suppose no one else has any pet peeves besides you and I.

We are gonna have to learn to work on it.