Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm feeling isolated

If you don't want to read a post that's mostly bitching and whining, click off of this one real fast.
Okay, not that they're gone, here goes:

I like my job. I especially enjoy the work it entails on weekends -- and the people I work with -- my Weekend Dream Team. But one major problem is that it's on weekends. I also work three evenings (2:30-11:30) during the week. Social life? What's that?

This schedule is actually what saved my job about 15 months ago. But I'm starting to realize how I've become isolated from the friends I made in the first two years I lived in Ottawa.

Most of those friends were because of minor hockey. I was trainer for two different hockey teams in those first two years in my adopted home town. But because of the change in my work schedule, I couldn't get involved this past hockey season. I mean, I hardly ever saw the team I was with for the last half of the 2006-07 season, because I was always working when there were games or practices.

I've realized how much I miss hockey and the kids on the teams. And just in the past two weeks, I've learned of things that really made me realize that I've become even more isolated than I thought.

First, I learned that one of the goaltenders on the first team I was with, has brain cancer and isn't expected to survive. He just turned 18. His dad was one of the coaches on that first team I was with, and I consider him a friend. But I have become so out of touch with him, I learned third-hand of Misha's illness. I've let them know I'm thinking of them and offering any help I can, but it seems like an after-thought.

Then today, I received an email from the wife of a guy who was on both coaching staffs with me. The email is complete with pictures of the new baby girl who arrived last week. I didn't even know they were expecting! Last I knew, about a year ago, Tammy had just miscarried, was an emotional wreck, and Trevor was at wit's end, trying to hold things together for Tammy, but also grieving their loss.

I've often thought of calling Tammy and Trev just to see how they're doing. But again, I'm at work when they're not, and vice versa.

Not one to just wallow without doing anything, I am going to start riding my boss to make good on a promise to hire someone to replace me on weekends, so I can work Monday to Friday. It won't be ideal, but it should help. And I'll start looking harder for another job -- hopefully in Ottawa.


XUP said...

I hear ya, man. Work interferes with my social life, too. There are so many, many more fun and productive things I could be doing with my day. Who thought up this work thing, anyway?

Patti said...

I can relate. Twice I've learned, by mistake, and long after the fact, that people who used to be major players in my life had passed away. I've resolved to keep in touch with people from now on, rather than letting them drift out of my life when my circumstances or location changes.

Maria said...

Sucks eh... that we have to work and it interfere's with our personal life. That's why we need to win the lottery... who's in?

Ma Horton said...

Work should never replace a fulfilling life . I learned that lesson the hard way . You are on the right track Bobby .

JB said...

At a certain point/age, the satisfaction of one's hard work -with little or no reward beyond being paid for it - is no longer worth the sacrifice of the things you've always loved to do outside of work...and from a personal perspective, it's a change in attitude I found myself somewhat unprepared for.

XUP said...

Hey Bob, we were downtown at the market on Saturday & were going to stop by and say hello to help drag you out of your abject misery, but didn't know how to get into that fort knox place you work at.

JB said...

You know, XUP, they lock them in there for a reason.

Newsguy Bob said...

While JB just might be right, all you have to do is push the button on the little speaker thingy on the east side of the entrance (right side as you're facing the building). Just push it (don't hold it in), Security will answer and let you in, unless they think you're a homicidal maniac. They might even let you in if they do think you're a homicidal maniac.

Heck, they let both Maria and Ma Horton in, so you're a cinch. The trick might be getting out...