Sunday, September 10, 2006


Sorry. The photo I tried to attach to "It never fails", failed. It worked for Boo-Boo bear in the blog before that one.

You'll just have to trust me if you don't know what I look like: I am NOT usually Greaseball Gus.

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JB said...

How about "Ball-of-grease Bob?"
Just kiddin'. I think it's why radio has always been more comfortable for me. I've done lots of TV over the years (actually on a cable TV thing right now that we Hamilton media types did for the United Way...and it's on every night of the week, with a new episode every week until October 5th, and I just wish it would stop!) but hate having to be "ready for my close-up" all the time. Scruffy face, t-shirt and jeans has always been the norm for me, so to have to be scrubbed every waking moment just seems like too much work.