Saturday, September 16, 2006

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

I love spotting signs -- especially the changeable letter kind -- that say something other than what is intended. Unfortunately, I don't usually have my camera with me at the time.

Just this afternoon, driving by Dairy Queen, I spotted the sign that I think was probably missing a percentage symbol, a space and a letter or two. It says "10 OFFAL CAKES". (Don't get the joke? Look up "offal" in the dictionary).

Until a few weeks ago, there was a Hooters restaurant about three doors down from where I work. Alas, all good things must come to an end. It was the only remaining Hooters in Ottawa, but is now closed, and a TJ Pagoda's Asian restaurant is going into that space. Across the street, we're finally getting rid of Nickels and any association with that screeching weirdo, CĂ©line. It's being replaced by a Lone Star Texas Grill. Yee-haa! Anyway, earlier in the summer, the sign at Hooters said "HOLD 'EM TUESDAYS". Yeah, at Hooters! No mention of Texas or a card game or poker (although including poker in some way or other might have proven to be funny, too).

One more: At the entrance into the small community of Connaught, just about a 20-minute drive from Ma and Pa Horton's coffee and donut emporium, is a yellow road sign that says "CAUTION: SLOW CHILDREN". Yeah, ya gotta watch out for the slow ones.

Once again, ya can't write this stuff, fellow Bloglodytes -- it just happens!

If you have any samples of your own to share, then share away. Photographic evidence would be even sweeter.

Some day, I'll get into on-air flubs I've heard over the years in broadcasting, and some of the crap that passes for news writing, especially from an illiterate co-worker who is not being laid off at A-Channel.


Ma Horton said...

I have one for you Bobbycakes .( and its one of N@'S favourites so she actually took a picture of it one time when she came home ). I am sure you remember the Mattagami Motel on Riverside Drive , strip joint for truckers and I am positive you have never entered that den of iniquity . ( hah.)Anyhoo , the sign out front said this * Hot, hot girls... cold ,cold dinks *. I don't think the dinks were as cold as the drinks you ?

Newsguy Bob said...

I totally LOVE it!

Me? At the Mattag? Noooo... Well, maybe once.

I once managed a Bantam hockey team (14 years old) in Timmins, and one of the boys who lived in the same neighbourhood as the Mattag told me that he and a buddy would peek through an air vent.

BTW, for non-Timminsites, "Mattagami" is pronounced mah-TAW-gah-mee.