Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cheese strings: Strings or sticks? - Discuss

Alright, so I'm scalping a bit off Linda Richmond-- no big whoop. But I want some input from my fellow bloglodytes.

I love cheese, except the really exotic ones. I'm mostly a cheddar and mozzarella man, although curds (especially from the soon-defunct Thornloe Cheese Factory) are a nearly-addictive guilty pleasure.

I live alone, so buying a block of cheese is a waste of money. It looks like a furry Grade 7 science project before I can eat it all. So I buy Black Diamond Cheese Strings -- yummy cheesy goodness in just-right portion sizes. I usually buy the marble ones, because they cater to my cheddar and mozzarella preference, in perfect proportion.

Now, here's where the debate/discussion/bloglodyte input comes in: Should they be eaten as a solid piece of cheese, one bite at a time; or should you actually peel the strings, make little stick people as the wrapping suggests, and then eat them? Discuss.

Me, I bite chunks off them. I've tried the stringy thing, but the voice of my dear departed mother elbows her way into the midst of the other voices in my head, with a stern "Robert Thomas McIntyre! Don't play with your food!".

Lemme know: whaddaya think?


Anonymous said...

Funny...as I read this I am enjoyng a salad with a bit of havarti and herbs thrown in for flavour. In refernce to a post on N@'s site, have you ever read the label on those things, are they really cheese? As for eating them, thanks but I prefer the real thing, they do make small blocks. As for the curds, bbq are the best. If you've never had them, I will send you a bag. I am passing by the cheese factory on the way home to North Bay this weekend for turkeyfest.

Ma Horton said...

I am definitley a chunker chomper kind of cheesy gal.On a thinkin' drinkin' note is Cheez Whiz considered cheese cuz I would much rather the real thang than that poor excuse for cheddar gone bad .

JB said...

I've had individually-wrapped mozza sticks, but never the stuff you can string. (Ma, my wife calls Cheez Whiz "nuclear waste" and won't allow it in the house.)
Personally, I like a block of Havarti over anything else, but it's a little pricey.
Plus, Dancing With The Stars. I find that VERY cheesy. ;-)