Friday, October 06, 2006

The transition between seasons

What is up with people who wear shorts when it's three degrees outside? I saw several of them this morning on the bus.
I mean, crap, I was half frozen, wearing jeans and just a windbreaker over a T-shirt, and these schlubs are wearing shorts! I'm all like "Dude! It's like three degrees!".
And talk about a paradox or oxymoron or whatever: I saw one young guy wearing shorts and a winter jacket!
One of the voices in my head is that of an 83-year-old Jewish mama. And this morning she's saying "Oy vey! Young people these days! They'll catch their death!". Unfortunately, 83-year-old Jewish Mama is just a voice, so she can't even make chicken soup. The frustration from that fact aggravates her condition -- never mind what kind of condition, a condition! And if there's one thing the doctors can't cure, it's a condition.
But I digress. So what is up with wearing shorts when it's three degrees outside?


John Mielke Photography said...

Why do I wear shorts on a day like today?

'Cuz... there isn't enough blogger space in the whole entire internet for you to post your thoughts if I walked past your desk wearing my tight red, fake snake-skin pleather skirt.


Newsguy Bob said...

You been raidin' Ma's closet again?

John Mielke Photography said...


Can't now... she went and got a guard dog.


Ma Horton said...

Puleeze is red LEATHER..and make dam sure you wear the matching slut shoes with that. Woof .