Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cumberland Barons 5, Gloucester Rangers 3

Ouch! They wanted it more than we did.

HOWEVER...We have put the game under protest. The third period was supposed to be 20 minutes long, not 15. And ya know what? Our guys were finally getting things going in the third period. That five minutes could have made the difference. The Cumberland excuse about not enough ice time is bogus. The Zamboni wasn't on the ice until at least ten minutes after the game was over -- plenty of time to squeeze in five more minutes of stop-time playing time.

Rules are rules: If there's a flood after the second period, then the third period is 20 minutes long.

That's not to take away from the Cumberland players. As I said off the top, they deserved to win.

And we're still in first place.

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JB said...

Congrats on still being in 1st...and how about those Senators?