Monday, August 06, 2007

Hello, fellow holiday suckers -- I mean, WORKERS

Grrrrrrrrrrr.... who else is working today? Is it a holiday in Quebec?

Bad enough I have to work, but the mutts I'm babysitting had me up before seven o'clock. Their only saving grace is that they're damned cute. I've tried to keep them awake in the evening, hoping they sleep later in the morning, but then I start to fall asleep, and pack it in at around 10:00.

Well, off to shower, etc., then to work.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Quebec doesn't have today off. After a weekend of sun and beer at the Highland Games I wish I could tell ya different!

John Mielke Photography said...

It's Natal Day in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Day in NB. A holiday in both provinces.


Ma Horton said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of dogs that have to pee .

JB said...

I miss Natal Day in Halifax and Dartmouth! Used to have parades on different days over the long weekend - although there's probably just one parade now, since they've changed it to the "Halifax Regional Municipality" - and fireworks at dusk, plus the Midway on the Dartmouth side of the harbour, by Lake Banook. Always huge in the old hometown, Natal Day.
It's simply called a 'Civic Holiday' here in Southern Ontario, and all the malls and most everything else is open. I had the day off from my usual afternoon shift and music directing gig, but had to do a remote broadcast at a car dealership for four hours on one of our other stations, so definitely not a day off from work.

Maria said...

It is not a holiday in Quebec, but I still took the Monday and the Tuesday off!! We get St. Jean Baptiste the rest of Canada gets Civic Holiday - just because we want to be different dammit!