Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Maggie Muffin

This is my youngest dogniece, Maggie. Her humans are Little Bro Dan and Christine The Pretty One.
Maggie now loves her Uncle Bob. When she visited my place in May, she was only interested in me if I was feeding her pieces of cookie or pretzel, but now that she knows me, she loves me. She's a riot to play with, and always has an ample supply of big kisses for Uncle Bob.
Maggie is mostly Yorkie, with a dash of one or two other small breeds. She's trained to do her bidnid on a pee pad, and is "transitioning" (Dan's word) to using the great outdoors as her bathroom.
I also visited a couple other very affectionate pooches while I was on vacation. Kia is a two-year-old black Lab who is very affectionate, but doesn't realize that her claws and her strong legs can hurt humans. Chelsea is a cocker spaniel who thinks she's a Princess, and is happiest when someone (i.e. Me) is scratching her belly.
Then there are my brother and sister-in-law's retards -- er, shih tzus. Shiloh is a crabby, arthritic, epilpetic 13-year-old with a funny eye and six toes on one foot. Then there's his 11-year-old daughter/sister Emily (yeah, they're canine trailer trash) and the latest addition, Gucci, who joined the family via the fosterdog route last fall. His name comes from the fact that he loves to drape himself over someone's arm like an expensive Italian purse. His favourite activity is having a stare-down with Fetch the Chipmunk.
My favourite northern dog is, however, Maggie Muffin. Tomorrow, I move in with my favourite Ottawa pooches, Zoey and Jack, to doggysit for five days.
Now I know why they're called the dog days of summer!


Ma Horton said...

Dogs always know good people ..and you are one Bobbycakes . Muffin reminds me of a dog I use to have for 18 years when my kids were growing up only she was a neurotic blonde little Honey . I loved her so .

JB said...

Are you sure it was Honey who was the neurotic blonde, Ma? ;-P

Ma Horton said...

Looks like I fell face down into that one and no , Honey was my little Benji like rescue dog that we had for 18 years and near the end she was deaf and blind and we called her our Hellen Keller dog .

Newsguy Bob said...


My Gawwwddd, these pooches are needy. You wouldn't know that Neighbour Girl Ashley had been taking care of them for five days.

Zoey, the 60-pound Golden Doodle who thinks she's a lap dog, won't leave me alone. And anytime Jack, the five-pound Chihuahua/Pomeranian tries to get some attention, big ol' Zoey pushes him out of the way.

Oh well, it's only for a few days.

This experience is underlining why I don't own a dog -- as much as I would love to. I left for work shortly before 2:00 yesterday afternoon, and wasn't home until almost 12:30. That's not fair to any pooch.

Anyhoo, off to shower and then food shopping. Sister didn't leave any food, except for some mouldy bread. I can't eat that -- I'm allergic to penicillin!