Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is for you, Ma:

Just 'cuz.
I took this photo beside my Dad's driveway, right next to the neighbour's house. Do I like my new camera? Well, yeah!

It's been kind of quiet in our little Blog family lately, hasn't it? What with vacations, etc., I guess people other than me are spending less time online. But I kinda miss 'em. Come back: all is forgiven.

Have a great day.


Misster Kitty said...

Day Lilies!
Luv em!
Great pic NGB!

FYI... They also make a very festive 'bowl' for serving ice cream, or better yet, brightly coloured sorbets in... They ARE edible, so long as not treated chemically... just pluck the pistil and stamen out, place one flower in a small bowl and then add a scoop of sorbet to the center of the flower. It looks great,and tasts great!

Maria said...

Is this the food network?

How does Kitty know so much about freakin' flowers? He Rocks!

Great Pic!

Newsguy Bob said...

Heh-heh! Kitty said "pluck the pistil".

Um, Maria, hon, my leetle baklava? How does Kitty know so much about food? Maybe it has something to do with him being gay? Hmm? D'ya think?

He does indeed rock. In fact, he's FAB-YOO-LUSS!

Maria said...

and because he is gay he knows food better than non-gays? Why do they eat more than the non-gay population?

I don't have the J.Lo ass for nuttin' ya know.

Misster Kitty said...

We don't eat more,we just make more fabulous food... as for how I knows about the flowers... I used to garden with my mother... (as my quotes on Milky's pic blog will attest!)

Ma Horton said...

That is so beautiful...., the picture , the thought and the flower . Thank you so much Bobbycakes . Now I have to run and get some virtual water ...

JB said...

Ma, why don't you fill it up with virtual sorbet?
(Don't forget to pluck the virtual pistil.)
There is something to that whole gay-men-are more-in-tune-with-their-creativity thing. My friend and extended family member, Ken, is an amazing knitter, and he's really into origami. Makes incredibly intricate things, and you never want to unwrap Christmas gifts from him, because the wrapping job he does on them is out of this world. Pretty cool stuff.
Meanwhile, I can't even paint a house without going over the lines.

Ma Horton said...

God have mercy but I thought JB wrote that his friend Ken was really into orga.........never mind .