Monday, December 03, 2007

Osama Bob Laden

This is the first of my pics from Dubai. It was taken while I was on a desert safari last Wednesday night.

Scary, eh?


Maria said...

Bob, sorry, BUT that pic is worse than scary.

When you wore it did you suddenly let out a loud LALALALALALALALALALALALALALA?

Just kidding!

Welcome Back Buddy!

P.S: When you come to Montreal to visit one day - wear it and come over. I won't laugh - much.

T said...

You look *heavenly* Bobby! Welcome home. Our Scrabulous games are still on..... P.S If you need a date for the wedding, I know a pretty little girl who has a really nice dress she hasn't worn for a while......:)

Newsguy Bob said...

I didn't keep the costume (called a dishdash [sp?]). You just get to try it on at the bedouin camp where the desert safari stops for dinner. I also smoked a shisha (water pipe, hookah, big honkin' bong), got a henna tattoo of a scorpion and rode a camel.

T said...

You got to smoke a bong? I wanna go to Dubai!!! lol

Ma Horton said...

This is a framer ...I love it !