Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cancun, anyone?

Okay, so I'm booked March 28-April 4 at Occidental Grand Xcaret in Cancun.
Maria or anyone else: What do you know about Cancun, what's to see, what's the hotel like, etc.?


Misster Kitty said...

Are you serious?!!?. You only need to know one thing...

What's the bar like and is it always open?

Newsguy Bob said...

Well, I know THAT! What do you think my first question to the agent was?

Besides, I've been to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, so I'm well practiced at "Cerveza, por favor".

Silly Kitty!

Misster Kitty said...

c'mon Bobbie... you gotsta be dipping into the Golden Tequila pool while you're there. I assure you if you as for a slush lime margariyte with gold tequila (instead of white) you'll drink nothing but! At least have one for me!

OH and what's CoffeeKitty doing while you're off galavanting in Mexico...

Maria said...

Why the Occidental Grand XCARET??
PROS: Its a great hotel and the pool bar is open for most of the day. Drinking while sitting in a pool of urine as some old foggies sit there all day so I am guessing they drink and pee in the same spot. I try to stay away from the pool bars for that reason. Otherwise, you can try one of the other bars. This resort is massive. The food is quite good.
Awesome pools. FREE entrance to XCARET park which is awesome (and would otherwise run you about $70) - Swimming in the under-ground cave was purely magical.

CONS: The beach is man-made. There are some amazing beaches in Cancun (or Riviera Maya which is where this resort is located) so why would I want to be at a hotel with a man-made beach?

My favorite resort in Riviera Maya GRAN BAHIA PRINCIPE.

Maria said...

You will be right near 5th Avenue with this resort. Take a cab or the collectivo which runs along the highway for $2 bucks. Better than taking a cab. 5th Avenue is your typical spot to buy souvenirs and such. There are some good restaurants too and a great place to walk around at night.

Chitzen Itsa is close by and is now one of the wonders of the world.

XEL-HA is also close by and is similar to XCARET. Tulum ruins are also nice to see.

Downtown Cancun looks like Downtown Miami. Lots of clubs if you like to drink like a fish!
Don't go to the Hagen Daz in Cancun we paid 28$ for 4 ice creams. Buy some Mexican blankets I have several and use them as covers for my downstairs sofa, such pretty colours and easy to wash! They will start with a price of $45 bucks. Don't pay more than $20-$23. Buy some Kahlua its cheap at about $10 for a huge bottle.
Make sure to catch the night show at XCARET. Really something to see.

I think I have covered everything.

Maria said...


Your local travel consultant!!

John Mielke Photography said...

Bob, some spanish for ya for your trip, donde esta la casa a pee pee.

I'm gonna use that in Dominican later this month!

Maria, what do you know about Puerta Plata? We're at the Riu Bachata.

Maria said...

Sorry, but Puerto Plata is my least favorite place in the Dominican Republic. Just because the beach is not that nice (at least not that nice compared to Punta Cana). As for the chain of Riu Hotels we stayed at the Riu in Playa Del Carmen last May and they are wonderful. If you want further tips you can always check tripadvisor.com and you can see reviews from people who have been there recently.

Now next time I would appreciate if you folks would contact me PRIOR to booking... heh then I could really steer you in the right direction. Now where ever you go, it will be a blast, because your on vacances. So enjoy!

As for the Riu Bachata I have heard nothing but good things about it, but I have never been. As long as your not a beach person.
Then again, the pools at these resorts are massive and the beach is not that important, so if its not that nice don't worry about it. Plus, after a few cervesa's you won't be too worried with the colour of the ocean anyway. heh

Any other questions?

Newsguy Bob said...

Maria, you're a gem! Thanks for all that advice.
As for peeing in the pool, I don't get mad, I get even. :)
Swimming in caves? AWESOME! I just wish the new digital camera I bought last July was an underwater camera.
I know the beach at Xcaret is manmade, because Hurricane Juan did a major blowjob on the natural one. The company that built the new, bigger beach is the same one that is building the palm and world islands in Dubai. What do I care if a beach is natural or manmade? All I care is that it's a beach at the end of March!

Kitty: Wanna come kittysit Coffee? Actually, the kid who lives upstairs took care of her when I went north for the holidays. I'll call on him again. Failing that, I have a sister, a brother-in-law and two nieces who live about ten minutes from here, who can split the cat feeding duties. They have two dogs, so bringing Coffee to their house isn't a viable option.

Thanks again, Travel Agent Maria. Mwuhh! One more thing: Should I bring Windex?

John Mielke Photography said...

Thanks eh!

I'll check with ya next time Maria! This time around we're staying where we're staying because my brother in law is getting married there and he and his fiancee booked the whole thing.

I'm lugging a pile of camera gear for the wedding so was hoping to have nice beach to shoot too... guess that ain't gonna happen. Now I feel like someone peed in MY pool. LOL!

Gracias amiga!

Bob... I can always look in on your cat for ya.

John Mielke Photography said...


You camera CAN be used underwater! Check the large bag out here: http://www.waterproof-paper.com/cases/waterproof-camera-case.shtml

There is a big ass plastic case that you can buy too... but it's $600.

corncob said...

throw a chocolate bar in the pool...you guys are gross.

Maria said...

Bobby, if you need a tour guide let me know.

Ask for Aylmer at the airport and he will bring you to the Mexican version of 7/11 and you can buy very tasty salt and lime fritos for 10 pesos. YUMMY.

Now my mouth is watering.

Maria said...

No windex needed on this vacation. However, do buy a disposable under water camera it will come in handy. They run about 20$ - 22$ US in Mexico.