Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I'm back

Got home shortly after midnight last night, thanks to a flight delay in Toronto and having to wait on the ground in Ottawa while another plane was moved away from our gate. Same thing happened when I came home from Dubai. Are there not enough gates at Ottawa International, or just a bunch of dunderheads assigning planes to them?
Then I was up early this morning, in order to do my weekly gig at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, where I volunteer in the café (think Tim Hortons without the drive-thru or apple fritters). So by the time I get off work in eight more hours, it will have been a long first day at work for 2008.
Coffee Cat was very happy to see her daddy last night. She ran around the apartment, jumped on and off the bed, and was even more lovable than ever.
So, what's new with me? Not much, other than Little Bro Dan and The Pretty Fiancée have decided that their wedding will be in April 2009, probably in the Bahamas. So knowing that, I'm going to book a one-week vacation somewhere in the Caribbean this April.

That's it from me for now. So, how're youse?


T said...

Bobby, you were soooo close, you should have jumped over and come boogied your buns off!

Newsguy Bob said...

Nah. Gramps and Martha would have shown me up, making me feel older than they are.

By the way, Girl, have you dropped some poundage the past year? Compare the photos.

Ma Horton said...

She has and looks awesome and just has to know she does ( wish I could ) ...welcome back NGB .

Maria said...

We went to the Bahamas on our cruise this past November and although it is beautiful I think it is WAY over-rated. There are so many other places that are probably far cheaper and much nicer.

In the meantime, WELCOME BACK. Glad you had a nice vacation. I worked through the entire holiday including Jan.1/08.

T said...

NGB, just for you,I put before and afterpics on my blog, check it out.

JB said...

Maria, are you ever NOT on vacation for more than a couple of weeks at a time? Jeez.

...and "dunderhead"!

Thank you for using that word, Bob. My Dad used to use it all the time...occasionally in reference to ME, probably, but I don't remember the context, just the word. I've always thought it fun to listen to. Everybody, say it out loud - Dunderhead!

Happy New Year!