Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reflective Feline

"Aw Jeez, not that crazy old guy and his cat again."

Hey, it's my blog, so get used to it!
This picture of Coffee The Prettiest Cat EVER was taken in my en suite bathroom. She is sitting on the corner of the bathtub, right up against the shower stall. It, by the way, is the largest walk-in shower I have ever seen.


JB said...

Bob says: "It, by the way, is the largest walk-in shower I have ever seen."
Coffee replies: "And it now belongs to me, because I live here, and I am a cat, so it is mine."
At least you're already bowing to the cat's superior nature.
As she gets to know you, she'll be proofing the pictures of her that you're allowed to publicize, and telling you what to write on your blog.
They come into your house all cute and cuddly, and eventually they own you.
...not that it's a bad thing, necessarily.

Newsguy Bob said...

Stop it, JB, you're scaring me.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Tell JB to stop scaring me.

Maria said...

How about we get a picture of the "largest walk-in shower" I love pics of kitchens and bathrooms - almost as much as you guys love Playboy.

I'll be waiting.

Newsguy Bob said...

Sorry, Maria, I'm too bashful to take pics of myself in the shower.
But nice try.

Ma Horton said...

Ma's here baby ...and yes it is okay to take pics of you in the walk in shower ...let Coffee take the shot .