Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Note to Steve, Steph, Gilles and Jack:

Canadians obviously were NOT in the mood for yesterday's election. Woe be the tide whoever causes us to have another one in the next three years.

And not to forget Liz: With all due respect to your Party's raison-d'etre, what the hell were you thinking, especially actually believing you could beat Peter MacKay in Central Nova? Give your head a good, hard shake.

Yours truly,


xup said...

Wouldn't it be a good idea if the Liberals were to completely revamp their party (like the PCs and Alliance did) and combine with the NDP to create a New Liberal party or something? Then the Greens could take over the far left and the Reds could produce some real competition for the Blues. "Cuz the way they are now, now matter who they elect as leader, they'll never have a prayer

Newsguy Bob said...

Never gonna happen. The PCs and Alliance were much more sympatico than the Grits and NDP.

Misster Kitty said...

I was PROUD of May and her campaign and her results especially against MacKay. Consider how many votes she DId get compaired to his and I'd say if I were MacKay I'd be BLEEPINg in my Pants.

My Mom's hair stylist is from that riding and he said that it was the older voters those that staunchly vote on a party regardless of who is there, or what they say or don't. He said if she hangs on another election or so giving the aging population beginning to get to that "I can't be bothered to go out and vote because it's cold, or wet, or snowy, or whatever", and the up and comming younger voters more concerned with green issues that she would have a better chance. I know I'd vote for ANYTHING BUT the Cons regardless of where I lived... HELL I'd vote for the BLOC before I ever voted for the Cons.

And I agree with the XUP in the changing of the landscape they gotta merge somehow, but like Bobbie saysd they are to different from the NDP for it to be a natural match... shame.

What the Liberals need and they SO SO SO need a leader with a pulse and a personality. Dion would make an excellent Minister of something but a Leader he was never meant to be. It's a shame it took this mess to prove that. But then there's the worry of who comes next... Lets just hope they find the right person to begin the healing that the party is still in dire need of...

Newsguy Bob said...

That's what I love about blogging and our little community here: the diversity of viewpoints.

And now, Dion doesn't have the balls to quit. Nice going, Steph, put another bullet in the corpse. Drag out the long goodbye until the spring, and kill any chance of reviving your party.


And hey! How about that bombshell in the States, of Powell endorsing Obama? Talk about a major boost!

Misster Kitty said...

Personally I think that was the best option for the Liberals. Otherwise there would be more in fighting on an interim leader and that they DON'T need right now. NO I think staying til there is a New Leader elected within the party, that this is the best desicsion.

As for Powell... I'm sorry to say that I'm raising the race card... I just do not see how someone that was in his position and helped feed the flames of war and all the bs of WMD can turn so easily... For sure it's good for Obama but I think it's fishy...