Friday, October 31, 2008

This is TORTURE!

Almost 3:30, and still no call to pick up my house keys! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!
Oh, the humanity!


Newsguy Bob said...


The call came just before 4:00, I was at the lawyer's office by ten after, and unloading the first load of small crap in MY house by 4:30.

xup said...

It's the orange jumpsuit. People are reluctant to hand over valuables to anyone is an orange jumpsuit. And rightly so.

Newsguy Bob said...

But orange really brings out the brown in my eyes, and the jumpsuit makes my butt look awesome.

John Mielke Photography said...

Congrats Bob!

We had a similar situation with our first house.

When we finally got the keys, we raced over to OUR house! When we got there, the "sellers" were still in it. They hadn't moved a thing, and weren't planning to until the next day because they didn't think we were moving in 'til monday.


So we gave them 'til midnight to get out. And they were gone by midnight. But they took every switch plate cover, every lightbulb, every heat vent register cover, and they put a ton of holes in the walls as they "delicately" moved their stuff out.

Oh. And the keys they left with the lawyer... We still have no idea what they actually belong to. But they sure didn't fit into anything in that house.

The lawyer said it would cost us more to go after them than we'd actually get as a settlement.

We ended up with much better justice! Turns out, the two brothers who were living there were Greek. Their parents are very close with a Greek family that I'm good friends with. So when Mrs. K asked me how our move went and I started telling her the story, it dawned on her that she knew these people. She was mortified.

About a week later I got the nicest letter of apology from the parents of the two sons, and assuring me that they'd be dealt with for their actions and for embarrassing the family name.


So... getting the keys at 4:10, moving stuff in by 4:30... you're off to a great start Bob! I wish you many wonderful years in your new home!

Ma Horton said...

Butt who knew ?

Maria said...

Those greek parents probably slapped them upside their little greek heads!! I am sure of it.

and thats all I am gonna say...

Misster Kitty said...

And so? are you in yet?

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