Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dude, it's the middle of freakin' December!

Another idjit in shorts, tonight at about 8:30, at the Harvey's/Swiss Chalet take-out: a kid, about 16 or 17, in soccer shorts with a pair of those pajama pants around his neck like a scarf, and a ring through his lip. It was about five degrees outside, and chillingly damp.



John Mielke Photography said...

Good thing I didn't have you over on Sunday then!

It was shorts, flip flops and Hawaiian shirts on my back deck drinking beer and BBQing shishkabobs!

My neighbour and I also plan to cut our lawns on Dec. 24th... just 'cuz we can!

Ma Horton said...

Where am I when all the jingle balls are hangin' out ?

JB said...

Where are you?
You're over there playing with the Timbits, that's where you are...

Newsguy Bob said...

Trust me. As someone who owns a set of said jingle balls, when the temp is barely above freezing, nothin's hangin'.