Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Boxing Day!

...Not Thanksgiving Boxing Day, or Canada Day Boxing Day, or My Birthday Boxing Day, THE REAL DEAL!

I had a nice, albeit quiet Christmas, which was okay, because I have a cold and/or throat infection, and feel like a poop sangweech without the bread. I went to two walk-in clinics on Saturday: one had an estimated wait time of two hours, the other was two-and-a-half. It wasn't that serious, and I didn't feel like waiting that long. So I saw a pharmacist on Sunday, and he just said to use lozenges and Tylenol. I tried to get some Tantalum from him to gargle with, because I've used it before and it's great stuff, but you have to have a prescription for it. So I called my doctor's office this morning (my own doc is on maternity leave, but I was hoping one of her colleagues would see me), but it's not open 'til Thursday. Crap! So i'll just soldier on, and keep gargling with salt water. I only wish I was also immersed in the salt water, off the beach in Varadero or somewhere.

I did okay in the gift department. Basically the same old, same old sweater, DVDs, lottery tickets, books, but nice nonetheless. And the receiving isn't done yet. Purolator is delivering a parcel from my brother tomorrow; and Little Bro Dan's mother is bringing his gift for me, when she returns to Ottawa from Porcupine later in the week.

I'm itching to do my traditional Boxing Day and/or post-Christmas shopping for myself, but with my layoff date less than a month away and no new job yet, I'm trying to resist. Last year, I bought my satellite radio. Two years ago, it was a beautiful oak bookcase; three years ago, my digital camera. It's always something like that, or just clothes, or both.

My wardrobe does need a bit of freshening up, but another reason I should wait is because I'm not sure how I will have to dress for my next job. A-Channel is pretty casual, you can even get away with jeans most days. Where I go next and what I'll be doing could dictate how I should shop. I still have jackets, suits, shirts and ties from my anchor days, but they're pretty tired and verging on out of style. After all, it has been over six years since I was on the air.

Oh well, off to have a turkey sandwich and see if I have the energy to do something today, besides playing Scrabble online and watching my new DVDs.

Post a comment at will, and let me know whether I should treat myself, or do the smart thing and hold on to my money, just in case. Background info here: I have no debt. My car and my Visa are both paid off. The only recurring expenses I have are rent, groceries, phone, the Rogers cellphone/cable/internet bundle and car insurance.

Advise away!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Happy boxing day to you too! I wish you all the best for 2007 and may our next job be even better than the last...anybody will be lucky to have you...:)

JB said...

What does she REALLY mean by "anyone will be lucky to have you"?

...thought I'd try to stir up the old National Enquirer pot, since y'all were doin' that earlier.

Bob, buy somethin' for yourself. You'll know what it is when you see it. Enjoy your 'buying something for me' tradition. Let no one take that away, no matter what the circumstances.

(...and hang on to the old clothes. Great thing about guy's clothes, in particular, is that the styles are cycled on a fairly regular basis. At six years, you're only a year or two from being back in style.)

Ma Horton said...

Come to Mama and I will adopt you and buy you new clothes .

Maria said...

Buy something for yourself you will be glad you did. After all it is Christmas and YOU have NO debt?? Geeeeez, I have a morgage & car payment. I am doing OK in the mastercard dept because before I left on holidays End of Nov. I paid down my mastercard at a tune of $1500.00, after I came back home I forgot I made that payment and made another one of another $1500.00. Then last week I forgot about the previous 2 payments and made another one of $2000.00. So today I call the customer service line on my MC just to hear the bad news after ALL the Christmas shopping I did and to MY surprise I have a credit of $1944.00 on my MASTERCARD, and I haven't even received the bill yet. I think I will be the first person in history to have a credit on the first statement after Christmas! lol

Maria said...


Bought some clothes for my kids at ZARA - I love that place! Bought myself a pair of parasuco pants and bought Malarky at TOYS R US! Thats it!

Newsguy Bob said...

Maria, my leetle baklava.

What is this, "parasuco pants?"

Maria said...

"Parasuco" is a brand of pants/jeans. I find they fit my well rounded greek butt better than any other pants.

JB said...

Well, that's better than buyin' a "pair'o'sucko" jeans...