Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Hottest Gifts for Christmas 2006

Exhaustive scientific research, also known as listening to the commercials on BOB-FM while driving in to work this afternoon, has reached these conclusions on the hottest gifts for Christmas, 2006:

-Jewelled frames! Gotta be the hottest... I heard about them in two consecutive commercials, for Winners and Home Outfitters.
-Brazilian wax. Not sure what it is, something you get at a spa, I think. Is it used to make Brazilian crayons that you use in a colouring book while getting a massage?

Feel free to add your own picks for hottest gifts.


Ma Horton said...

Is this useless or hottest gifts or both ?

JB said...

It's much better than "Brazilian Whacks", which are dealt out by the Brazilian mafia and related drug cartels in South America.
However, I hear a Brazilian Wax can be almost as painful.