Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm seriously freaking out here

I have a young friend who has AD/HD. He's 21, is extremely intelligent, but considered developmentally challenged -- he's a Special Olympics swimmer and lives in semi-assisted housing, as in his own apartment that is visited regularly by a case worker. His uncle is my all-time best friend.
I often chat online with Patrick, and his mom says he really looks up to me.
A few minutes ago, up pops Patrick on MSN, saying "Bob, u need to help me", and goes on to tell me that he's cutting his arm. I told him I couldn't help him from this distance (he's in Hamilton, I'm in Ottawa) and he said no, he needs his dad, but his dad isn't answering his phone. Employing the usual logic that doesn't necessarily work with Patrick, I figure he might not be serious about hurting himself, because he gives me his dad's phone number. I called Dean, and he said he would call Pat right away.
As I was writing that last line, Pat told me he's okay. I just replied that he scared me, but I'm glad he asked me for help.
Crisis averted, I guess, but the adrenaline was pumping for a few minutes there.


Ma Horton said...

Sounds like a cry for help come you're not on my msn ? You did the right thing Bobby .

Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks, Ma, although I must admit to feeling slightly used.
I think Pat has cried wolf before, from the way this "crisis" was so quickly averted, and the vibes I got from his dad, saying "Okay, I'll call him."
But I couldn't live with the thought of what if I hadn't called Dean?

Maria said...

I think it all worked out GTREAT! Plus, now you know that you don't have a heart condition, cause if you did after an MSN pop up like that you surely would have had a heart attack! I know I would have.

Good on you BIG BRO BOB! YOU ROCK!