Friday, January 26, 2007

Vacation in the DR is getting closer

I finally got the invoice and details about Newsguy Bob's Excellent Dominican Vacation. It's for the Bahia Principe resort in Punta Cana. April 21-18, leaving from Toronto, with arrangements for a hotel room April 20 in TO, parking for the week, and shuttle service back and forth to Pearson.

Okay, so talk amongst yourselves. Here's a topic: Is Newsguy Bob in for a good time at a good resort, or is it a week in Cockroach City? Discuss. Maria, I think you're the travel agent, so dish, Girl.


Maria said...

OK HERE IS MY DISH FOR THE DAY! By the way, you gotts the dates wrong on the blog. lol

Gran Bahia Pricipe is awesome! We were at Gran Bahia Principe in Riviera Maya for 12 days in Dec. 2006 and its a massive resort I am sure the one in Punta Cana is just as nice. I have NOT Been to the one in Punta Cana but I have BEEN to Punta Cana (I stayed at the Bavaro).

Punta Cana has the BEST beaches ever (next to Cuba)! The weather is awesome and it only rains in the evening (or at least when I was there for 2 glorious weeks!

You can also check and see what regular folks who have been there have to say about the place.

By the way I am not a travel agent (sometimes I feel like one) lol... hubby and I are well connected with Air Canada.

Maria said...

opppps that would be:

Newsguy Bob said...

Okay, not a travel agent, but well connected with Air Canada -- whatev!

But thanks for the dish, Maria. The beaches would have to be awesome to be even close to Varadero.

And yeah, kinda hard to be there from April 21-18. Of course, I meant April 21-28. So I guess we're even with the thing.

Maria said...

yup well connected with Air Canada...

Any other into you need let me know and have a great trip!