Tuesday, January 30, 2007

KFed's got Nationwide on his side

There's no escaping trailer park king Kevin Federline, his estranged ho Britney Whats-ho-name, Paris Hilton et al.

KFed's got a gig, in an insurance commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. Check it out: www.nationwide.com/nw/featured-ads/index.htm?hpAdClick=teaser and see why the fast-food industry says it demeans the 12-million-plus people who work in the industry.

Sheesh. Fifteen minutes of fame/infamy sure is long these days.


Ma Horton said...

KFed is a loser anyway you spell it ..the only thing he was ever good at was making babies ....no wonder Brit forgets her undies half the time .

JB said...

You know, the fast food people who are upset by this need to get over themselves. We all know and understand that Federline isn't responsible enough a human being to get his ass out of bed or off the couch in order to hold down a job of any kind, let alone one as tough as workin' at a fast food joint. We know it's a joke, and that Federline is the butt of the joke.