Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Pardon the lack of modesty, but today definitely IS all about me!
Yep, today, old Newsguy Bob is 49. As my sister pointed out in an email this morning, that's so close to 50, it's scary. Easy for her to say -- she's only 45.

I'm counting on JB to tell me what it's like to hit that apparently magic age of 50 when he does this year.

Meanwhile, I'm still very young at heart, healthy and working on being even healthier, and looking forward to what the year ahead has to offer. I figure that I came through the slight turmoil of the last half of being 48 quite well, what with the spectre of possible unemployment hanging over my head, and that prepared me for the potential uncertainty that might arise this year, with the inevitable divestiture of A-Channel Ottawa by its new owner, CTV.

And I do work with a great bunch of people at A-Channel. Several of us went out for wobbly pops after work last night. Not only did my birthday arrive at midnight, but we were saying farewell to a co-worker. Sports dude Arash Madani did his final sportscast last night. As of Monday, he's the Ottawa/Montreal correspondent for The Score. Watch for this guy, he's going places. A true talent and a great guy.

So back to me because, after all, it is MY day. Watch for a glow in the sky emanating from Ottawa, in case someone presents me with a birthday cake.

Have a great day -- MY day.


Milky said...

Happy Birthday Bobby boy!!!!!!!!

#38 pour moi in 8 days. :(


JB said...

H.B., N.G.B.!
49 is good, and the best part is it lasts a year, so you have 12 months to prepare for '50'.
Having said that, I have but 4 months left, and I'm still not ready for that particular numerical designation, and the ensuing stigma attached. enjoy the heck out of 49.

Anonymous said...

NGB...happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear bobbypants
happy birthday to you
I would have baked you a cake (since I am the queen) but we just don't do that anymore and I don't even think Fed-Ex could get ot to you in one piece!!

Ma Horton said...

Is this My Day or May Day ?? 49 is nothing . 50 is nothing . I learned a long time ago that age is just a number . For your birthday gift I have submitted you in your birthday suit for the Dove pro-aging campaign for men in media . Enjoy Bobbycakes . SMOOCH.

N@ Lauzon said...


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a belated one at that) sorry... been experiencing technical difficulties.

Have a great day and a wonderful year.