Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lost, you're losing me

Okay, Lost, I'm almost lost. So Desmond's only purpose in life, aided by his ability to see the future or experience déja vu, is to save Charlie's life. But Charlie's going to die.

No shit, Sherlock. Last time I checked, everyone's gonna die.

Yeah, Lost, you're getting too weird. I just might have to give up watching you. I'm running out of "one more time", so in my world, you might just die.

Fortunately, you've lasted longer than Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip did. It was interesting and kind of fun the first few episodes, but jumped the shark way too soon. It didn't move along, and the rat-a-tat-tat dialogue that Aaron Sorkin brought over from The West Wing got really tired, really fast.

So, Lost, I will watch next week, to see what the three answers to the three biggest mysteries are, but you had better knock my socks off, or I just might remove you from my VCR's weekly recording list.

By the way, Lost, your Yankee-ness betrayed you on this week's episode. When Desmond was outside the military recruitment office, the poster said "For Honor and Adventure". In England, the poster would say "for Honour...". It would be interesting to see how any of your British or Australian characters -- or Ethan, if he really is Canadian -- would pronounce the last letter of the alphabet.


Ma Horton said...

I got pissed when Lost was lost last season after only a few episodes . Now I am lost on Lost .

JB said...

I still like (very much) both Lost and Studio 60. I think Studio 60 has some of the best writing on television. Not into all the CSI's and 'Law and Order's, or all the Survivors, or American Idol. Lost, Studio 60, The Office, The Shield, Monk, and ER. That's it. Not much else on TV impresses me. After those six shows, there's hockey when I'm 'allowed' to watch it, and movie rentals.