Monday, February 19, 2007

Not so grand, after all

Doh! I just got a nice letter from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, informing me that I am NOT the winner of $1,000.
It turns out that the play area on which I thought I had won is actually three play areas, and you have to match three symbols on the same line horizontally. As the nice lady says in the letter, "there appears to be some confusion about how to play the SLOTS portion of the ticket." You bet your ass, lady. (Get it? Lottery Corporation lady, bet your ass...?)

I'm glad I didn't spend that thousand bucks.

Oh well, at least my hockey team won the first round of the playoffs.


CQ said...

Oh Bobby, at least you can still afford cheez whiz. And I still happen to think you're *grand*.

Ma Horton said...

I guess you could say your miracle got whipped .

Maria said...

lol @ Ma.

Sorry to hear that NGB - when I win the 6/49 this week I will send ya a $1000.00 bucks!