Monday, February 26, 2007

Time for a lifestyle adjustment

I was having a great day, what with scoring the new apartment and all, when I got a phone call.

I had been to see my doctor last week for a physical, and she sent me for blood work additional to the pre-physical work, because of high cholesterol and blood sugar. She wanted to see me today, and not wait for the appointment I had booked in two weeks. It turns out I'm diabetic.

It's not a big surprise. My mom was diagnosed when she was three years younger than I am. She was insulin dependent; I am not -- at least, not yet. She lived for another 25 years, but it was ultimately the diabetes that killed her, gradually shutting down her entire system, until her heart gave out one Friday night almost five years ago, while she and my dad were sharing a joke while watching Jeopardy. It was four months after their 50th anniversary.

It's also not surprising, because there has been diabetes on all sides of our family for generations.

I had already started exercising, having just joined a gym. This is incentive to get my ass away from the computer and go work out. My doctor says exercise and keeping my weight under control are the most important. I'm also on medication, and have to test my blood sugar twice a day.

I'm not a big junk food or fast food eater, and already have the basis of healthy eating down pat. I just have to expand on it more, and not indulge in chocolate, Pepsi, and some of the other tastier, more pleasant aspects of food, or whatever you want to call what we cram down our pieholes.

I am going to control diabetes; it is not going to control me.

Moral support and encouragement are welcome.


Anonymous said...

NGB, I am encouraging you from afar. My dad has been controlling his for as long as I can recall and I have been tested a few times as well. If you need anything at all, you let your big cyber-family know and we will be glad to help. :)xxoo

Milky said...

Dude... I'm here for ya!

We've been talking about doing lunch for a while now. Well... I'm taking you to a little place I know where the owner is a diabetic and stocks the absolute BEST selection of foods (including chocolates and cookies) for diabetics!

I've got a pile of gift certificats too... I'd love for you to be my guest!


Newsguy Bob said...

Dude: I'm THERE for YOU! McIntyre is a Scottish name, so a free lunch -- are you kidding?
Let's try to mesh our schedules to make it happen.

Thanks for being you.

Maria said...

and when you come to Montreal I take you out for greek food! healthy greek food! Is there even such a thing?

Ma Horton said...

Well hell if this free food day for Bobby cakes count me in . Tims does have some healthy options and I am sure I can find some for my babyboy . I have always believed that a healthy lifestyle and a sense of balance in your life is the way to go ..along with a great laugh for good measure . All about attitude and you have a positive one which makes for beating the odds a winner .Shop smart.

Newsguy Bob said...

I just got back from shopping. I bought more fruit than I usually do, whole wheat pasta (I never buy potatoes, usually cook pasta, but whole wheat is going to take some getting used to), and read labels like never before.

I couldn't figure out why the only fish I could find was all breaded or coated. Then, as I was leaving the store, I noticed a humongous sign over a display case: SEAFOOD. Shows how often I've bought fish.

I also bought a cookbook for diabetics. I don't know if I'll use any of the recipes, but at least it will give me ideas.

You know, another part of the lack of surprise at being diabetic is that I have never been athletic (ask my friends who have tried to get me up on skates, golfing or playing baseball. My Native name is Plays Baseball Like A Girl), therefore have never been very physically active. I joined a gym (okay, Cuts for Men circuit training) a few weeks ago, and will diligently go there to work out.
Partly because of my lack of athleticism, I've never felt comfortable in gyms. I belonged to two different ones in Timmins, and did not fit in with the juiced-up knuckle-dragging gorillas who called everyone "Big Guy" regardless of gender, strutted around in their black wife-beaters and foot-wide leather weightlifting belts, saying "Hey, Big Guy, spot me!" But Cuts is different. It's the men's version of Curves for Women, and it's all flabby guys like me, from their early 20s into their 70s. My comfort level is much higher, so I'll stick with it.

Ma Horton said...

You will do it will conquer fear are FLABulous ..and you make me proud to know you !

JB said...

You'll be fine. Some of my best friends are diabetics. I'm not kidding. I made a lot of friends in the Canadian Diabetes Association a few years ago with a promotion we ran in Halifax. They liked it so much, they flew me to Toronto to speak at a fundraising conference. It was a competition among media types where everyone had to live like an insulin-dependent diabetic for a week, and accumulated points according to how well they stuck to the diet plan, the times of insulin injections (in our case, injecting a Life brand teddy bear from Shoppers Drug Mart with glucose, but it had to be prepped like an actual injection), three-times-daily blood-glucose tests (yep, we had to prick our fingers and use the little sticks to do the readings) and exercise. Had to document it all.
It was NOT easy...and it was only for a week. I'm not going to lie to you, it would scare the Hell out of me to be diabetic. If you weren't so far away, I'd be taking you out to a healthy lunch, too...but probably also for a calorie-reduced beer to toast the fact that you aren't insulin-dependent, and can work toward keeping yourself that way.
It's not going to be easy to adjust, but I have faith in your ability to look this in the face and deal with it.

I'm very sorry about your Mom.