Thursday, May 03, 2007

At long last, a wedding pic

...And no, although it might look like I'm the groom, I'm not. But isn't my little sweetheart, Tessa, the most beautiful bride you've ever seen?
I'll post more, once Rogers gets its shite together, and gets my phone and internet working. And unless Maria apologizes, that will NOT include Speedo pics.

Also coming up in a later blog/rant, I'll rail against so-called customer service, related to my move into the new crib, and taking direct aim at Rogers and HBC.

Later, Gators.


JB said...

She's absolutely lovely.
Congrats to her, and I wish I could help you with the Rogers sitch. I got some friends @ rci who, although they work in Southwestern Ontario - might be able to do something for you, or at least escalate your case.

Maria said...

Sorry! Although, I am not exactly sure what I am apologizing for but hey it won't kill me and it will make you happy so there ya go!

N@ Lauzon said... look great with a flower in yer hair.

Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks, N@, but I'm the pretty one on the RIGHT!

Ma Horton said...

A beautiful bride and a very proud Bob .