Friday, May 25, 2007

WTF? Montrealers should be outraged!

So starting this year, The Centre of the Universe (a.k.a Toronto) will have a Just for Laughs festival.
What up with that? Why, oh why, would JFL organizers in Montreal even have the first -- never mind second thought of branching out to Trawna?
I attended Just for Laughs three or four years ago, just for one day, but it was a blast. Montreal should seriously keep it for itself, and let Toronto come up with an original idea of its own for once.
My only hope is that the entire announcement about JFL Toronto is just a joke -- a Just for Laughs Gag, if you will.
I mean, for the love of Pete, Toronto hasn't even won the Stanley Cup in 40 years. In fact, the Leafs have never won the Cup in colour.

Come on, Montrealers, let's hear some outrage.


Maria said...

Hey JFL is a great time! I am catching 2 shows so far this year.
The Nasty Show (cause I am a nasty kind of gal when it comes to dirty jokes, plus been attending this show for the last 5 years) and Wiseguys. I saw it last year and really enjoyed it!

Plus, us Montrealers like to share. No?

Newsguy Bob said...

Sharing is good. But with TORONTO???

Maria said...

you gotts to start somewhere...might as well be at the bottom! LOL

John Mielke Photography said...

While they're not Just For Laughs comedy festivals, it should be noted that Halifax and Winnipeg do have comedy festivals as well.

Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa all have NHL teams. Toronto should get one of those while they're at it.


N@ Lauzon said...


N@ Lauzon said...

Simply, when you don't feel threatened, you don't react. :)

Ma Horton said...

I have never seen JFL but have always wanted too .