Monday, May 28, 2007

It's "CA-NA-DA", dammit!

For at least the second time this NHL playoff season, in a U.S. rink, the anthem singer has called our country can-IH-dah. The first time I heard it was, I think, during the Ottawa/New Jersey series. It just happened again in Anaheim.
Come on, you people. You might know two-thirds of sweet f***-all about the huge country just to the north of you, but how hard is it to pronounce "Canada"?

As for The Star Spangled Banner, Stephen Stills remembered all the words, but his singing made it The Star Mangled Banner. I'd love to hear Randy, Paula and Simon's reviews.

Randy: "Dawg, it was aight, but awfully pitchy and off-tune in spots."

Paula: "(Something incoherent about you're as beautiful as a butterfly and we all love you)."

Simon: "That was absolutely atrocious. Horrific. It was lahst place at a high school musical karaoke competition. You wouldn't lahst at the Holiday Inn."



T said...

NGB, love the accent. Made me laugh out loud. And goo on ya for figuring out how to get rid of Caros or whoever the hell he was. And in case you're wondering, I am on the road to recovery from buttheaditits. Just thought I would throw that in there. xo

Ma Horton said...

We have word verification now ? Well that sucks . You get one Spanish spammer and you fall to your knees . Time for the spelling bee .

Maria said...

does anyone else every get the word verification thing wrong and have to re-do it?? Freaks me right out!

JB said...
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JB said...

I misspelled a word in my last post, so I deleted it. So I'm fussy about spelling, sue me.

What I had said was:
There are over 300 million of 'them', and they think they're right about everything, and that fact isn't going to change anytime soon.
They've only started to figure out that George W. Bush is a moron, and they've had almost eight years to figure it out. I'd rather they didn't know 'we' were here at all. I'd feel far safer if they thought Canada was an uninhabitable wasteland. I once had a guy from Indiana, who was visiting the very same spot I was visiting in Niagara Falls, come up to me and ask, "So what date does summer start in Canada?" I just smiled and said, "June 20th or 21st. You?" I could have said so many other things, but there really isn't any point. It would have been wasted commentary.

...and yes, Maria, I apparently spell the verification words incorrectly all the time...
according to them, at least.

Newsguy Bob said...

Interesting perspective, JB. I never thought of it that way.

And I already know that I'll have to try my own word verification twice this time, because the letters are all jammed together, so they're illegible.

John Mielke Photography said...

The letters being hard to read is exactly the whole point of word verification to begin with.

Spam on message boards, like our hombre posted the other day, is seldom posted by an individual, but rather by a program someone writes in order to attack blogs and message boards.

If the letters looked like typical fonts, the same spammers would be able to employ software that could recognize the text and their spam postings would carry on unimpeded.

The other thing is that a lot of the word verification programs also require the "words" to be typed within a certain amount of time. So, while you may have very well typed in what you saw on the screen, enough time may have passed that the word on the screen is no longer the word it's going to recognize.

... which just happened to me as I went to post this the 1st time.

Man. I'm such a nerd.

Newsguy Bob said...

Okay, so if you're going to call me Bibby, you have to call Milky "Poindexter" after his explanation about word verification. I'm working the morning shift today and tomorrow, so I'll make sure he doesn't need new tape holding his glasses together.
By the way, Poindexter was calling me Bib a couple weeks ago, when we exchanged emails about something or other, and I made a typo on my signature.

JB said...

See - to me, Bibby just means "might be a sloppy eater, so needs to be bibbed". (I have a couple of 18-month-olds with the aforesaid condition.)

On the other hand, 'Poindexter' just reminds me of Buster Poindexter, who, before he became Buster Poindexter, was lead singer David Johansen of the New York, a pretty cool guy, actually.

Newsguy Bob said...

So who said Milky ain't cool? Not me!
JB: For nerdishness, would you prefer we call him Dilton Doily?

JB said...

...well, for nerdishness, Dilbert is a far superior name.

Newsguy Bob said...

Sorry, Dilbert is taken by the Premier of Ontario, the Honourable Dilbert McGuilty.

mark said...

well I was googling Joanne's name at 3am in the morning and look what I find - pretty neat. Nice story about Joanne, Bob. Her passing has left a void, One I think will never be filled.