Sunday, May 20, 2007

How 'bout them Sens?

First time in franchise history in the STANLEY CUP FINAL!
This city was nuts yesterday afternoon and last night -- and the game was in freakin' Buffalo!
Just wait 'til the Senators win the Cup!


ZoeyBella said...

I'm very happy for the Sens. Looks like the Ducks will be going too. (Which sucks) But at least the Ducks are no longer a Disney team.

Go Sens Go. :)

John Mielke Photography said...


Maria said...

Thats great. I would rather a Canadian team win it all. Not like I know anything about hockey but hey... GO SENS GO!

JB said...

Actually, NGB - they lost in the finals in 1918/19, and won the Cup in 1926/27. They existed in the NHL from 1917/18 until 1933/34 before leaving the league ...only to (finally) come back in 1992/93.

So, yes, the NEW version of the Sens has never been to the big dance, but the Sens are already on the Cup...although the ring on which the championship team would be engraved is in a vault at the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto.
Having said all that - Go SENS!