Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back from The Land of Awesome Sunsets

Hello, Possums! Miss me?
That piece of beauty at the top of this post is a close-up of the honest-to-goodness sun, just as it was setting one night last week over a small lake we simply call Highway Beach, alongside Highway 11 (the Trans-Canada Highway), 40 km south of Cochrane, Ontario. I took the pic with -- get ready for it -- my brand new DIGITAL CAMERA! Yeah, Milky, I got the S3 as you recommended. More on that some other time.

Ma, t and others in Shaniaville: Sorry I didn't get to see you while I was up there. The time absolutely flew! I did spend a good amount of time with Dad and StepMama, and with Little Bro Dan. In fact, here's a pic that my dad took, with my old camera:

Doesn't my favourite Paramedic look great in uniform? Pardon my semi-gush, but I'm constantly amazed at what a great young man he is.

Awright, move along, nothing else to see here. I'll pollute the dubya-dubya-dubya in the days to come with more crapola and photos. In the meantime: DREW CAREY??? WTF? Are they gonna change the name of the show to "What Price Is It Anyway?"?


T said...

Let me be the first to sat...WELCOME BACK!! Hope you had a fantastic vacay. And I have probably served Little Bro Dan a coffee or two in the past. As for Drew Carey...Drew or Rosie? hmmmmm, I go with Drew 110%...

T said...

ummm, that should read say...and my word verification for this evening...cldnyt would be appropriate if it wasn't 21 degrees outside :)

Ma Horton said...

I prefer Rosie shes more fit for all that come on down crapola ...nothing like a northern sunset to make you homesick . Do I detect more grey on that lid ?

Maria said...

WELCOME BACK BOBBY PAPADOPOULOS... How dare ya leave me here alone with all these non-greeks. They just don't understand us! LOL

Hope you had a splendid vacation and little Bro Dan has grown into a good human being because he has had some positive role models. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back!

JB said...

Who's the old guy on the right?

...Welcome back. Glad you had a good vacation.