Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hi from Dubai!

Sorry, no pics yet.
My arrival was delayed by 24 hours by a freakin' snowstorm on Thursday night, that made me miss my connection to Munich. So I had to stay overnight in Toronto (yuck!) at my own expense (Air Canada doesn't pay if the delay is weather-related). But I'm here safe and sound, chuckling at the irony of a snowstorm delaying my trip to a desert.
Yesterday, I took a double-decker bus tour of this fascinating city. Tomorrow, I'm going on a sunset desert safari, complete with camels and belly dancers, but not belly-dancing camels.
My hosts are the absolute best, setting up the ideal itinerary that isn't too ambitious, but hits the high points. After all, part of vay-kay is relaxation, too.
There's a swimming pool less than a five-minute walk from here. It's not used much this time of year, because the locals find the weather too cold, at 30C daytime, low 20s at night.

I'll check in again if and when I get a chance. Meanwhile, has anyone heard from Maria?


Misster Kitty said...

HEY NGB! Glad to hear you're alive and well... and you're having a good time. Hope that 30'C is not too cold for ya. Maybe you shouldn't have waxed the back...

No word from Maria as of yet... my guess is she's pre-occupied at the buffet and then focusing on burning off the increased caloric intake. {wink wink, nudge nudge}

I'm gonna have to check my map now to see you in Dubai! :-)

JB said...

Maria who?

T said...

Hey Bobbykins! Good to hear from you, I have been missig your Scrabulous ass. Hope you are having a great time and can't wait to see pics!


Don't you have anything better to do in Dubai than blog, Bob? Go oil up your smooth, white, hairless torso and chase some foreign chicks around the beach

Maria said...

How sweet that Bobby actually had time to think of moi on his vacation. Thanks there Buddy!

I am home as of today... safe & sound and looks like I came back hoe just in time for the freakin' snowstorm. I should have stayed put.

As for Kitty and his smart assy remark of what I was doing on vacation, there was no way for the wink, wink stuff as the boat was rockin' for the first 2 days. Not seasick kinda rockin' just annoying kinda rockin'.

I am thinking it was rocking because the Carnival Reservations Dept screwed up and placed all the newelywed's on one side of the ship. They need to even stuff like that out. Geeeeeeez!
After that it was smooth sailing.

Look out for pictures soon on my own blog.
There was 7 of us travelling on this trip with 10 pieces of luggage. Yes, I acquired 2 extra pieces of luggage for all the shopping. Know how many bags made it back with us? ZIPPO! NONE! ZERO!

Orlando International Airport has the baggage handlers of a third world county - one freakin' belt that would jam every few minutes. I would have been surprised if the luggage would have made it on. None of the airline's employees bags arrived in Montreal! None and there were 25 of us. Go figure. They now promise to deliver them tomorrow. We will see.

Maria said...

OH, by the way JB... what do you mean "Maria who?" Phewy!