Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Move is Complete

I have not yet begun to enjoy the extra space of my three-bedroom townhouse, because I am still surrounded by boxes. I got some unpacking done yesterday, but none today, because I do volunteer work on Wednesday mornings, and then had to come in to work.
I was counting on getting more unpacking done tomorrow morning before coming in to work, but now the boss wants me in at 9:30 am for a half-hour session with the company lawyer on libel and other legal matters related to news. Oh, well.

Coffee the Prettiest Cat Ever seems to be enjoying the new place, too. She was pretty freaked out by all the boxes during packing, and the unusual activity leading up to the move. She voiced her disapproval to being shut in to the bathroom yesterday morning while the movers got their truck loaded. But once I got her to the new place, she walked around as if to say "Nice place, Dad. Is that OUR furniture? Cool!" After a bit more exploring, she hopped up on the back of the recliner -- one of her favourite perches -- and took a cat nap. We also had a chance to take a snooze together in the same chair -- one of her favourite bonding activities -- while waiting for Cable Guy to show up.

If anyone knows a spell that will result in all the boxes being unpacked and everything put where it belongs, conjure away.


N@ Lauzon said...

congratulations!! can't wait to see the pics!!

verification word is: dinnonar


Newsguy Bob said...

Give me a bit of time to get things straightened out, then I'll post pics.

verification word: pshneo (Can you say that in public?)

Maria said...

Congrats ...
YAY!!!!!!! Now we gots a place to crash in OTTAWA, during the soccer tournaments. HEHEHEHE!

Enjoy the new place and when you paint our room I like Sandcastle colour.

Whtcha need as a housewarming gift? A giant souvlaki god statue?

Ma Horton said...

Now we have ole Bobbycakes worried that he is a B&B for old broads ..verification word "wirsou" ..yep ..can't get any wirsou than that .

Maria said...

who you calling "old" ??


I know I am nearing my 40's but I still gots several more years to go.

Newsguy Bob said...

Maria, my little baklava!
My old place had enough room to be a soccer crash pad. Now, however, there is more, including a finished rec room that will have a freakin' huge TV once the Boxing Day sales are here, if not sooner.
Cable Guy even strung cable for it.
Bring some Wii games with you.

Actually, my best friend, his wife, son and daughter-in-law "booked" their rooms last Christmas, for the upcoming World Junior Hockey Championship, coming to Ottawa this Christmas season. It would have been fine in the old place, although I told them that I bought them a three-bedroom townhouse, so now no one has to sleep in the living room. It's just the minda guy I am.

Newsguy Bob said...

That should be "not the Kinda guy I am".

Misster Kitty said...


Like N@ I look forward to some pics of the new place...


(wv: codistri)

Yes that's right Cod is tri!

Newsguy Bob said...

DAMN! That should be "That's just the kinda guy I am."

Verification word: unium. Would the plural be unia?

T said...

Yay Bob! Congrats on the new place. Hope the unoacking is going well, if I were closer, I would come and help you...xo
P.S. My vw: fatulvey Who they callin fat??

Maria said...

Sounds awesome... maybe I can just rent out my place here and move in with you since you have a rec room... lol Our rec room is a spot in the basement that has our foosball table. Located right next to the 51' TV. You got your OWN room thats an entire REC room?? YAY! SOunding better by the minute.
Sonny boy would love it!

Make sure to post the pics as soon as you can. We are all anxious to see OUR new pad.

JB said...

Okay, verification word is 'weedia'. Nice.
We still have stuff in boxes in our basement from our initial move to our new home two years ago this month - and they will probably still be there two years from now.
So, your solution is to just unpack the stuff you need, and move the rest - still in boxes - to where noone can see them. (got a basement?) Then, when you have time, you can slowly but surely unpack the rest. Or not.

Newsguy Bob said...

I'm being totally honest here now, JB: In preparation for this move, I finally threw out stuff that had been sitting in boxes in storage since I moved from North Bay to Sault Ste. Marie to take my first after-college job in May, 1985. And having moved five times in the past eight years, I did a little bit of that every time, so there's very little left that I don't need or don't want to hang on to, for whatever reasons.

dada said...