Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My first fireplace fire!

Last night! I took pictures! I used the timer on my camera so I could get in to some of the pictures! I'm such a loser!


N@ Lauzon said...

congrats on your new pad, Bob!! Fireplace looks great!! yayayeeeeeee!!
Fun to be a homeowner, no?

not even kidding you - my ver. word is qughl..but there is an oomlout on the u!!!!!!!

k - i couldn't find the oomlout, so it gave me another word: gisting

Maria said...

Very nice Bob!
Enjoy the new pad!
When you having us all over for a GIANT Housewarming bash?

Newsguy Bob said...

Why, Maria? Are you going to bring a pig over so we can cook it on a spit in the back yard or in the fireplace? There might be vegetarians among the guests, so you'd best bring lamb instead.

(Are the big fat Greek jokes getting old yet?)

Maria said...

I would NOT bring a pig over, it would be a lamb. We greeks do not roast pigs on a spit or in a fireplace.

However, if you wanted me to bring a lamb it would be no problem my Uncle Nick owns a butcher shop where we get all our meat fresh. SO fresh that we pick the animal we want to eat. We even let the kids play with it before Uncle Nick kills it.

My other Uncle Nick owns a fruit/vegetable store so the vegetarians would be taken care of.
***Plus, I make a mean greek salad with olive oil shipped from my cousin Nick in Greece who picks his own olives from the olive trees. Can not get fresher than that.***

Another Uncle Nick makes the best tzatziki you will ever taste.

Then cousin Niki will make some home made moussaka to feast on.

Am I getting tired of the Big Fat Greek Wedding jokes? No not at all.

*** By the way that movie was so hilarious that its part of my DVD collection, especially since I am married to a non-greek.

So now --- when's the housewarming party I need to start preparing.

Newsguy Bob said...

Maria: I totally believe everything you said, because all the relatives you mentioned are named Nick or Niki. If you were faking it, you would have used other Greek names like George and Alex and Constantine.


Maria said...

OK I don't really have an Uncle Nick who owns a butcher shop or a fruit & vegetable store. However, I do have a cousin Nick who does send me olive oil from Greece every year without fail and this year he is even sending me olives.

I do have a cousin Niki but she does not cook moussaka she is actually a customs officer in Toronto.