Thursday, December 04, 2008

Merci beaucoup, Mme Gouverneur-General

May sanity prevail.
I will preface my next remark with the caveat that I did NOT vote Conservative in the October election.
Stephane Dion is a bitter, pitiful little man who is running his own deficit of brain cells. He can't even run a party well enough to get a recorded address delivered to the TV networks on time, and in a format they can use.
I don't know what to think of Jack Layton right now.
Gilles Duceppe, I must say, is crafty as a fox. You don't have to support his party's raison-d'etre, but you have to agree that he's taken advantage of a big gift being handed to him.
As little as I want another election right now, I say bring it on. I will vote Conservative, just because I'm so disgusted with the rest of them, and their disregard for the way our political systems works. And I predict a massive Conservative majority, for the very same reasons.
Take electoral defeat with a bit of class. If you don't like the system, work from within it to change it. And don't put personal goals and ambitions ahead of the good of the country.


John Mielke Photography said...

As pissed off as I am at ALL of our so called leaders right now, I'm even more angry with the 44% of Canadians who didn't bother to vote on Oct. 14th. Your non-vote gave these yahoos carte blanche to behave this way since you chose NOT to want to hold them accountable to you.

Had you voted, we could be looking at an entirely different set of dynamics on Parliament Hill right now, and at the very least, you'd have sent a message that you WILL show up to vote and that they'd better stop this nonsense and do what they have asked you to elect them to do. You and I hold the power in this country. All of it. That what your ballot is. Power.

If your boss wants to fire you, he/she shows up to do it. YOU are the boss of your MP. When it's time to renew their contract, or show them the door, show up.

And if you still don't think your vote can make a difference, just look at our friends to the south. Yes it can.

Misster Kitty said...

I think we will just need to agree to disagree on this one.

But let me just add...



Oh question. How is this at all good for the country when for the next 6-8 weeks nothing will be done...

Misster Kitty said...

OH MAN! I totally agree Mikly I posted the same thing on XUP's blog. If you didn't vote you can just luump it. Maybe this is a lesson learned for them...

Ma Horton said...

I agree with Bobbycakes for once . Enough is enough . Maybe we will save some $$ if no one runs the country for a while . Merry Fiscal .

Misster Kitty said...

Well then why not disband parliment completely?

This is sad. And a slippery slope has been breeched. Now any time a PM in Minority stature is in risk of losing a vote s/he'll have the house parogued. Conceivably thern this could go for 4 years... Way to go Jean!

Newsguy Bob said...

Just because something is legally right, that doesn't make it morally right.
Lay blame where you may -- there are a lot of people who deserve it on all sides.
The fact remains that under our current democratic system, the party with the most seats in the House governs, and at least deserves a chance to govern. Trying to subvert that by forming a latter day coalition is not morally right.
Maybe we should have an election, in which the coalition could come up with a formula for running Liberals in some ridings, New Democrats in others, but not both in any of the 308 ridings. That way, they can be honest and put the coalition before the electorate.
to repeat: my prediction, whenever the next election is held: A Conservative majority.
I think the majority of Canadians joins me in being disgusted with Stephane, Jack and Gilles.

Misster Kitty said...

Bobbie... You know I luvs ya and like you, I may not agree with you but I’ll defend your right to say it… but … I agreed with giving a minority a chance (which is what we had last time around), and this time it was just a case of S.S.D.D. and whatever your views of the coalition, they have the majority voice in Parliament and are completely within their rights to vote down the minority government. I do not see what was planned as deceitful or underhanded, rather, they themselves were attempting to be prepared to step in and get to business... instead we've got nothing til the end of January.

And I'll tell you this, if this crap keeps up in January, if they can’t get something done, tout suite, next Federal Election I'll be voting Bloc because at least you know exactly where you stand with them. They're about the most honest politicians out there right now. They are what they are.

But that’s all I’ma gonna say cause this is seriously pissing in my egg nog and if the Prime Minister can hide from all this for 6-8 weeks, so too do I wish to pretend this does not exist and get back to the Love that is Christmas at Kitty’s! ;-)

My Word Verif is FAUCUBBE. I'd like to, if I may, give that the name of the actions in Ottawa this week and I’m not going to blame one party or the other but ALL of em!...

Parliament really faucubbed Canada this week. Faucubbed it but good!

Newsguy Bob said...

Kitty, we do agree on a lot of things. Harper and the Arrogant Tories have to bear a lot of the blame. I'm just not impressed with the opposition's reaction.
You're lucky: you have the option to vote for the Bloc.

Now go have some eggnog that no one has pissed in.