Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Money makes the world go 'round..."

Crap! Now that stupid song from "Cabaret" is going through my hollow head. Up near my list of the crappiest movies of all time. Don't get me started.

Anyhoo, today I was out shopping and stopped at Canadian Tire to get a new electric kettle. I boiled the old one dry last night. I've done that before. I've also turned a stove element on under a couple of them. My aunt, who lives in Florida, says you can't buy electric kettles in the States. So when she needs a new one, someone in Canada has to send one to her.

Anyway, I had $4.35 of Canadian Tire money in my glove compartment, which covered the tax and then some. And this is what I really like about Canadian Tire money: even when you use it to help pay for whatever you're buying, you get some back! Today, it was 20 cents.

Canadian Tire money is another advantage to living in Canada, and not the Excited States. Also ketchup chips and dill pickle chips. My niece is working as a camp nurse at a camp in Michigan for the summer, and her supervising nurse, who is American, loves ketchup chips, so my sister's sending her some.

I know that Shania Twain says ketchup chips are a treat she enjoys when she's in Canada. There's also a chocolate bar that she can't get anywhere else. Crunchie, maybe? Whoever's better at Shania trivia than I am can confirm that.

One more money thing: Also while I was out, I brought all my accumlated change (pennies, mostly, but dimes and nickels, too) to the Coinstar machine at Loblaws. I got $13.63 back, even after the service charge of 9.8 cents per dollar. The machine spits out anything that's not American, Canadian or a real coin. I had a parking token mixed in with the chicken feed, not sure where I got it. Maybe it was in some change sometime and a cashier mistook it for a penny or dime. The machine also wouldn't accept one lonely 2004 Canadian penny. I put it through four or five times, and it kept getting spit out. WTF?

Coinstar sures beat the crap out of counting and rolling.


N@ Lauzon said...


Also, I bought my bike a few years ago entirely with Canadian Tire money! EAT THAT! (It was my dad who saved it up for years $500 worth!)


Also, a lot of ppl don't think of this but animal shelters will gladly take your stored up Canadian Tire cash to buy cleaning supplies, toys, etc for their dogs!

Newsguy Bob said...

N@: I bow to your superior knowledge of all things Shania.

My mom's hospital auxiliary used to save CT money, and would buy a TV for the hospital, or something to raffle as a fundraiser.

I also knew a dentist in Timmins who had an office in Cochrane. He would fill up his SUV at CT a couple times a week, and save the CT money to do all his Christmas shopping.

Misster Kitty said...

one of the local bars here in the village used to accept Candian Tire money as well, Like the shelters I guess they used it for supplies... That was on 'Woolco night' when beer was $1.44 But those days are now long gone... I miss em!

John Mielke Photography said...

Bought me a BBQ with my $275 CDN Tire money last year!

Then, a week later the BBQ went on sale!!!! I went it and got a price adjustment.


Maria said...

We used to have lots of Canadian Tire money but then one day we changed cars and forgot all the money inside. Must have been at least a few hundred bucks worth.

Thanks for reminding me once again how stupid I am!