Saturday, July 14, 2007

Where I'll be

For the next couple weeks, about you'll find on this blog is this:

I'm not really going fishing, it's just not something I do, but you get the picture.

I intend to spend most of my time at the cottage, regardless of the weather. My dad tells me, however, that the forecast is for hotter, dryer weather. I would never place a bet on a weather forecast, but that is a hopeful sign.

And on evenings when the sky is clear enough, I'll see something like this:

...or this:

Believe it or not, those are two different sunsets at the same place. I call the sunset the fingerprint on the end of the day, because as breathtakingly beautiful as it can be, no two are exactly the same. If luck is with me, I'll also get to see the Northern Lights. There's nothing like standing on the dock, watching the colourful whips dancing across the sky, crackling, to make you realize that in the whole scheme of things, you're extremely small and insignificant. It's such a relaxing, peaceful feeling.

So keep the place warm for me. I'll catch up with everyone next month. Once my shift at work is finished tomorrow at about 6:30pm, I'll be on vacation, heading north on Monday, back to Ottawa on the 31st, and back to work August 1st.


JB said...

Have a great time, Bob. Enjoy those lights, and all the relaxation.
If there's one thing I'll always miss about my home in Halifax, it's how beautifully and majestically the Northern Lights would glow and shine. You just don't get to see them like that here in Southern Ontario.
Love the reflection on the lake in the second pic, as well. Very nice.
(My word verification letters were "kltzu" - as if some klutz was trying to spell klutz, and messed it up.)

T said...

Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday. With all you've done iin the last few moonths (moving and all) I'm sure you need it. Look forward to seeing you bac, and not just cause MY holidays start 2 days after your end! hehe

T said...

umm, back (can you tell I have not had my coffee yet?)

Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks, t and JB.

You're right, JB, you don't often see the Northern Lights in Southern Ontario, but I did see them quite vividly one fall night a few years ago, when I was driving back to Toronto from Ottawa. It was near Cobourg on the 401, and an astro-geek I know confirmed that it was, indeed, Aurora Borealis.

One time at band camp -- I mean, when I was in college -- we were watching them from the parking lot of our apartment building on Thibeault Hill, in the north end of North Bay. One of my roommates, who grew up in Ottawa, had never seen them, and was fascinated.

Hugs for Evan, Morgan and Liam from Cyberuncle Bob.

Misster Kitty said...

Have a great time NGB...
I'll be sure to politically incorrect and add in extra adult humour while you're away...

Maria said...

Have a great time NGB and maybe while your at the lake one night (alone or with a special someone) you can try out the skinny dippin' you've talked about.
You know those clothing optional places?? LOL

In any case, enjoy your time off and have fun!

Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks, Maria, my little baklava.
Trust me: Skinny-dipping is near the top of Adonis Papadopoulos's list of things to do.

Maria said...

HEY BOBBY YOUR MISSED. Hope your having a grand ole' time at the cottage fishing.

Signed: Little Baklava