Wednesday, October 10, 2007

iPod advice, please

Okay, fellow Bloglodytes, time to help Newsguy out here.

I'm planning to buy a good MP3 player before going to Dubai, cuz I'm gonna be spending a lot of time in the air and in layovers in Munich, Frankfurt and Toronto. (iPod has become the generic name, like Kleenex, Xerox, Coke and aspirin, hasn't it?)
I've bought cheap ones in the past -- three times, I think -- in the 25-to-60-dollar range, and have finally learned that you only get what you pay for. So the advice of anyone who owns a good one is needed and appreciated, please.

Chuckle if you wish at some of my questions, but at Newsguy School I learned that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. So here goes: If you buy an actual Apple iPod, you can still download music from a PC, right? Can I download some of the music I already have on my computer and/or from my extensive CD collection (the remastered Nelson Eddy and Jeannette McDonald collection is amazing!)?

A friend at work whom I plan to also consult says not to waste money on iPod, cuz you pay for the name, and some of the other models/generic brands are as good if not better. True?

Please, help out a Cyberpal here, will ya?

And if you live in Ontario and haven't voted yet, get off your arse before 9pm/8 Central time. I voted last week at an advance poll, cuz I'm working tonight as part of A-Channel's election coverage. If you don't vote, you can't bitch about the provincial government.


JB said...

a) See, I believe that - in the truest sense of "Free Country" - you can still b*tch about the gov't on ANY level regardless of whether you exercise your right to vote. Because if you have a right to vote, you also have a right to not vote. Mind you, I voted today - twice. Once for my candidate of choice (Yay, marijuana party! GO GET'EM!), and once for the voting system. By the way, non-Ontario people? We have two choices today for a voting system in Ontario for our next election - Either "First past the post" (the current system) - or First-step-toward-communism! It's far too long to explain on Bob's blog, but until someone spends about an hour on TV telling me how it might be a better voting system for us, I'm stickin' with the old system, thanks.

b) I have a little iRiver mp3 player - which is really easy to operate, but isn't really big - half a gig, maybe? I've had it for a number of years. I think the iRiver brand is still out there, and has produced players with much better storage capabilities since I got mine (a gift from my lovely wife, btw). I'd also be in agreement with whoever told you that you don't need to give all your bucks to Apple to get a good mp3 player...and I think Apple would be cutting off their nose to spite their interface if you couldn't use it with a PC.

...I just wish you could download directly from turntables and 8-track players! I'd buy THAT Apple, fer shure.

Misster Kitty said...

I've got an I-Pod Nano 4 gig jobbie I love it but I find the dial/button thing is loosing it's 'touch' over the 2 years I've had it...

I also think that for a gizmo that you can load over 2000 song so, you'd thing the battery would last more than 10 - 12 hours without having to recharge!

And yes it' works perfectly fine on a PC and I have added music from my computer and from my CD collection and the odd illegal number on the weeb...

Ma Horton said...

Don't buy until you cry ...Maaaaaaaaaaaa!