Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanks, Ma. Yer da bestest

I just KNOW that you had something to do with making Blackburn Hamlet, where I live, a better place.
Construction is starting on the Hamlet's first Tim Hortons. Word is that it will be open in four weeks, which I believe, after seeing how fast several of them went up along the Highway 11 corridor a few years ago.

So thanks, Ma. Now do you think you can do something about getting us a beer store, or at least an LCBO that sells cold beer?


JB said...

Yeah, but your Tim's won't get mail delivery until they pave their drive-thru.

Patti said...

A Timmies in Blackburn? Yay! I live there too! Where's it going to be?

Ma Horton said...

You over estimate my power Bobbycakes ..but Tims is boosting many new stores ..including 2 more here .Caffeinating the world is my mission .

Patti said...

Never mind...I found it. Great spot! I can walk there from home.