Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cancel the rest of the American Idol season

Just give the Archuleta kid the title.
Wonderful rendition of "Another Day in Paradise" and picked with a social conscience.
AND he was thirsty and had to pee! Imagine if he hadn't!


Maria said...

Its the first time this season I have watched an entire episode besides the auditions. He was very good. But whats up with that Paula chick?

Newsguy Bob said...

Paula? Who knows? Drugs? Stupidity? D-rate singer/dancer being given the A-rate treatment?
I don't think she's usually as loopy as she was last night.

XUP said...

I couldn't concentrate on the song knowing the kid had to pee. And Paula is always loopy. And I think the Irish chick should win. Little guy with little bladder is good, but not as good as Irish chick and also he's almost as loopy as Paula.

Maria said...

I don't think anyone can be as LOOPY as Paula even if they tried!!